Go Home Buff-a-lo

Heinous Buffalo bitch to me before the game:  How does it feel to be in the minority in your own building?

Me:  The quality here (pointing to me) is more than the quality of all of you together.

Heinous Buffalo bitch:  That was kind of personal.

Me:  *eye roll*

So we have hit our first big blowout of the year.  It took quite a while!

I know it builds character, but, ugh, I hate it.

If we are going to suck it up, it may as well be against an east coast team.

I don’t really want to talk about the game because, I might maim someone.  And me and Radim are the only ones here.


Another Doan goal

Czech scoring

….. yeah that’s it.

Prukins, the little glass is half full man

He's not worth it Vandypants!

I guess that's just how they were raised.....

Oh Yandle.

MVP of the Game:  Umm.  Jesus/Radim.

Tip for Tippett:  Please don’t make the boys practice tomorrow.  They’ll be super crabby for the Meet the Player event tomorrow night 😦

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3 Responses to Go Home Buff-a-lo

  1. CKinAZ says:

    I was lucky to not have many Sabres fans near us by the Zamboni entrance. I would have flipped if I was near the crowds of ’em everywhere else (it seemed).

    You know I’m on Team Mueller, but can we talk about him pulling up to pass on the 1/2 breakaway he had that BUF countered and scored on?!? Not cool man…

  2. Doan has been scoring lately. This makes me happy!

  3. row G rocks says:

    Wow, some girl actually said that to you? I may have hit her. Were they worse than the Detroit fans? Come on, be honest now. Ive always thought the Barf-alo fans were the worst, even in Toronto and Detroit….

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