10 top 10s for my 100th post

For my 100th post on this here blog, I decided to do my top 10 favorites of 10 things.  A glimpse inside the crazyness of me.  Beware!  Read on at your own risk.

PS ~ This lists were damn hard.

Top Ten Coyotes:

1.  Marty

2.  Pru

3. Vrby

4.  Z

5.  Jesus

6.  Muels

7.  Vandypants

8.  Pseudo

9.  Lombo

10. Sami

Top Ten Non-Coyotes:

1.  Ovi!!!!!!!!!!

2.  Geno

3.  Patrick Sharp

4.  Brooks Laich

5.  Mike Green

6.  Vinny L

7.  Enver Lisin

8.  Zach Parise

9.  Jeff Carter

10.  Drew Stafford

Ten Teams I Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate:

1.  Red Wings

2.  Ducks

3.  Sharks

4.  Canucks

5.  Kings

6.  Flames

7.  Sabres

8.  Bruins

9.  Stars

10.  Oilers

Ten Players I Hate:

1. GETZLAF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2.  Jared Boll

3.  James Wisniewski

4.  Patrick Kaleta

5.  Sean Avery

6.  Dany Heatley

7.  Devon Setoguchi

8.  Tomas Holmstrom

9.  Corey Perry

10.  Olli Jokenin

Top Ten Things I Yell at Hockey:

1.  Gooooooooooo Marty!!!!!!!!

2.  Let’s go Bo!  (Lombo)

3.  Pruuuuuuuuuu!

4.  Come on Radim!

5.  I want ANGRY DOAN!

6.  Come on Pseuds!

7.  He’s not a hooker!

8.  Come on Pants, Vandypants, Vandy

9.  Hit ’em Yandle, hit ’em Wicked Hawd

10.  Get off him, you’re not his type!!!!!!

Top Ten Cool Ass Arena People:
1.  Joe the Usher

2.  Ms. Collins

3.  Ms. Vandypants

4.  Drooler

5.  The visiting Canadian peoples, Brandon, Manitoba hoooooooooo!

6.  Mike the Usher

7.  Stan the Security

8.  Jim Foss the big Boss

9.  Doug Moss

10.  The mystery hockey man in the crowd that I wanted to marry

Top Ten Hockey Blogs:

1.  Dude, MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2.  Justin Bourne  ~ http://www.jtbourne.com/

3.  Uppy’s Twitter ~ http://twitter.com/scottieupshall

4.  Two Line Pass ~ http://thetwolinepass.com/ (where I got the picture idea from!)

5.  Kat’s Stupid Hockey Sketches ~ http://stupidhockeysketches.wordpress.com/

6.  Ryan Classic ~ http://www.ryanclassic.net/ (Stats!!!!!!!!)

7.  The Hockey Bay ~ http://www.thehockeybayblog.com/

8.  Hipchecks ~ http://www.hipchecks.com/

9.  Coyotes Hipcheck ~ http://blog.coyoteshipcheck.com/

10.  Cycle like Sedins ~ http://www.cyclelikethesedins.com/

Top Ten Hockey Moments So Far:

1.  Marty & Pru at Alltel (I could actually make words at them!)

2.  Marty at Athletes Resource Camp (Words…. not so good.)

3.  Going downstairs after the game (Vandypants, Uppy, Schlem, Lombo (crazy hair), Lang, Pru, Marty)

4. Meeting Gary Bettman and actually telling him that Marty needs a raise (since he’s technically our owner right now) (Marty laughed at this by the way when I told him I did it)

5.  Mueller at the bar in Scottsdale

6.  Baby Dane and Marty signing

7.  Muels, Baby Dane, Teek, and Yandle at Summer Open House

8.  Rookie Camp when I told Mike Lee that he looked like the lost Staal brother and asked him if he was sure his Dad was his Dad

9.  All the times I yelled and waved at Jonas during camp and he would faithfully wave back and laugh.

10.  Alllllllllllllllllllll the 15 pucking moments.

Top Ten Hockey Twitter People to Follow:

1.  @Jtbourne

2.  @ScottieUpshall

3.  @Subtlelikebrick (In case u ever wondered what Star Wars characters the Blackhawk players were)

4.  @ryanclassic

5.  @hgiraffe

6.  All the NY Prucha Peeps ~ @somelikeitblue @prukachu @nhtproductions @5holeblog @isakft (beware there may be #PruchaWars)

7.  @czechtacular

8. @sweetestofdekes (Sami!)

9. @ducks54  ~ I hate her team but she’ <3’s Lombo

10.  @Jesus_M_Christ

Top Ten Ways I Would Market the Coyotes:

1.  Calendars ~ Immediate 40% jump in female attendance…. easy!

  • January ~ Lombo ~ HAPPY NEW YEAR!  What a way to ease into that new year.
  • February ~ Pyatt ~ Who else for Valentines Day??
  • March ~ Bizz ~ Not so much cuz we want him, moreso because we couldn’t stop him
  • April ~ April showers bring Prucha with flowers?
  • May ~ Sami!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • June ~ Vrby, it’s your birthday, share with the world
  • July ~ Korpo, it’s your birthday month!
  • August ~ Jonas!  Hey! It’s my calendar damnit!  I’m calling him up…. just for this!
  • September ~ Vandyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.  Chop down those trees… *snap*
  • October ~ For all the hockey moms out there……… Doan…… and Lang!
  • November ~ Z!  ‘Nuff said.
  • December ~ I’m sure Uppy would have a special Xmas idea for his picture.

2.  Auction off dinner on the floor at Jobing with your favorite player.  Supervised of course.

3.  Coyotes players build Habitat for Humanity house……….. and put it on TV.  Who doesn’t want to see Bizz running around with a hammer and Vandypants with a nail gun?  Lombo can use his Home Depot employee discount!

4.  Have the players make ads…….  not unlike personal ads ……..”I’m Scottie Upshall.  I’m really fast, I score a lot, and I have awesome hair. In another life I was a rock star.  I’m looking for a fan.  Could you be it?  Let’s find out.  Come watch me play.”

5.  Fans can buy ad space on the player uniforms.  Hilarity ensues.   Pru would be skating around with “Property of NY Pru Gurls” on his butt.

6.  If you come all “fanned” out, you get in upper bowl for free.  Capes, war paint, insane signs……

7.  Lombo & Sami cam:  if these two had webcams on their lives 24/7……. laughs and fans would follow.

8.  Fan control.  Once a season, fans get to vote someone off the team.  Make them feel involved 😛   Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee New Guy!

9.  New season ticket buyers names are thrown into a hat and five of them are drawn.  3-4 players show up at their work and take them out to lunch.

10.  Ummm….. I’m going back to calendars.  That’s really all we need.

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2 Responses to 10 top 10s for my 100th post

  1. ducks54 says:

    Aww, I feel so loved! (even though you hate my boys) Thanks for the shoutout!! =D

  2. droolerovermueller says:

    haha im number 4 on the cool people list 🙂 nice

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