Czech Invasion

Edmonton had one win in its last 10 games.  Some call this lowly.  I call this dangerous.  Especially since we SUCK at Rexall Center and they whooped our asses 4-0 earlier this year in their building.  Game should be easy.  Which means it’s gonna suck.  Boy, did it ever!

Silly me!  It was gonna be a totally cake game because we scored first!  And who did this?

My pick for the goal leader this season

Radim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So there was a faceoff in the Oilers zone and we used our secret weapon against them.  Czech!  Marty took the faceoff and Radim, reading how their D was set up, yelled at Marty in Czech to push the puck forward.  Marty won the faceoff and got the puck to Radim who had broken away from his guys and Radim nailed the yet.  IT WAS AWESOME!  During the intermission interview Radim pretty much said it happened because they could communicate without the other team understanding.   VIVA LA CZECH!

We had good control of the game in during the first period.  The second however…………

Doan scored!  Goooooooooooo Jesus!  Assists go to Fiddy and Bizz.  Fiddy!  You’re back!  Woot!  And Bizz?  We haven’t heard the last from you tonight!!!!

Doan scores one for the Gipper. Or the Gimp. Alright, just Uppy!

Then it falls to shit.  True story.  Brule scores (and then talks crap to the Monster?!?!!?!?) and then freaking O’Sullivan scores.  We lost a two goal lead?  Is this getting totally out of control????

Who will save us?

Monster to the rescue

Marty hussled his Czech butt up and put a rebound into the net that he never should have been able to get to.  Martyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!  Radim scores and Marty?  Crazyness!!!!  Wait, Pru, what’s wrong?  You look sad.  You feel left out?

Pru felt all left out with all the Czech scoring!

Pruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooal!  Happy, Happy,  Joy, Joy!!!  Suck it Renney!  You scratch the boy and get him shipped out of NY and he (and his line) make you pay three times over.  Karma is a bitch hey?  I hope you have nightmares about the kid for life.  Actually, you aren’t good enough to dream about Prucha so I hope you have nightmares about the kid with the role of Prucha being played by a horribly disfigured stand-in.

Pru has the scoring touch..... and the healing touch?

So all three forwards on the Czech line had goals.  This game is sooooooooooo ours!  Amazing production at a time we were worried because Uppy stayed home from the trip.  Whew!  Lost a two goal lead but it’s back to being a cake game.

Third Period:

And then it all fell to shit.  Again.  @##$^%@$%^@#$!!!!!

First, Adrian scored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WOOOO!

They disallowed the goal because they thought Jovo had goalie interference.  Now I know Jovo is a penalty magnet at times, but this time he was innocent!  The goalie groped his butt and Jovo wasn’t even in the crease!  I can see how the refs wouldn’t believe this because if you are the goalie, out of our ENTIRE team, you grope Jovo?  Pretty unbelievable!

Whatevs, we’re still up by two goals.  But then…..

There was a turnover and breakaway that got by Bryz.  Ok.  Whatevs.  But the last one was a stupid bouncing puck that took a stupid bounce and killed us!

Tie game.   Worse?  Marty got a bit banged up at the end of the game and missed some shifts.  You better pray he’s OK Edmonton.  We need the Monster always but especially with Uppy and Winnik still hurt 😦



I was pretty certain that a shootout would ensue because that’s all that happens to us lately!  But…… we got a powerplay after someone tripped New Guy and who wins it?   JESUS!

Team Canada Fail

The game was a toss up.  Offense?  AWESOME!   Protecting the lead?  Crappy.  Doubly crappy actually.

Good stuff:

GUESS WHO IS BACK BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is that mean, mean man?

Pants. Vandypants.

MVP of the Game:  Czechs!  A goal from Marty, Pru, and Vrby?  Someone call 911.    Hoří!

Most Improved:  Shane Doan ~ Two goals in one game?  I sense a hat trick this year Mr. Jesus.

Most Improved Part 2:  Bizz!  You had two assists!  You lil offensive juggernaut!

Tip for Tippett:  I don’t love New Guy.  PLAY SAMI!!!!!!!!!!!

Cake game:  Not so much but we came away with the 2 points.  Whew!

Yandle’s excited:

Did Kris Kross make him jump?

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2 Responses to Czech Invasion

  1. Jocie King says:

    That last period I wanted to pull my hair out, seriously refs seriously?

    I’m entirely too amused by the Possibly related posts at the end of this being about the Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia, the Russians not coming, and Sacha Baron-Cohen decimating Prague. Only you could possibly have a post that relates to all of those. Kudos.

  2. Kels says:

    “Actually, you aren’t good enough to dream about Prucha so I hope you have nightmares about the kid with the role of Prucha being played by a horribly disfigured stand-in.”


    There really is nothing to say but suck it Renney. Again, only his 2nd goal versus Edmonton, but now that he’s in the West, here’s hoping many, many, many more! So Renney can frown and think about…well whatever the hell he was thinking benching Czech power!

    Big 2 points!

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