On Notice

Welcome to the Big Time

Welcome to new additions Jared Boll & Alex Burrows.

Mr. Boll thought he needed to hit Radim after Vrby scored and then got in a fight with Hanzal.  I’m sure you all know how well this went over with yours truly.

Mr. Burrows thought he needed to slash Radim in the back of the knee for no damn apparent reason other than insane jealousy that Radim has more talent in his mouth guard than Burrows has period.  Then Burrows punched Jesus.  Then he …. whatever.  You get the picture.

If you don’t watch your step gentlemen, I will be forced to have a force you will not enjoy visit you when you least expect it.

That's right bitches, Wayne Newton

You may laugh now, but how will you feel gentlemen, when you wake up in the middle of the night to have that force of nature bearing down on you?  Apparently, I’m not above torture.

You have been warned.

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