A tisket, a tasket, put a Red Wing in a casket

I’m not going to really talk about the game.  Mainly because it will make me want to maim people and I can’t go to jail before the Meet the Players event on the 19th because I need to get Kerri’s Prucha jersey signed for her.  Responsibility!  Anyways here is the nutshell of the game, followed by some pictures, followed by something nice to end with.

The Game:

We lost.  To the Red Wings.  Fuckers.  Uppy got hurt and it kind of freaked me out.  I love our team and them getting seriously hurt would be horrendous.  Hockey is dangerous yo.  Maybe the Czechs should take up something a bit more kind, like knitting?

Peter Mueller showed some flashes of brilliance in the first period.  He was attacking the dudes with the puck and checked a dude pretty good.  Go Pete!

Lombo scored!  Go Bo!

The rest shall not really be talked about for the aforementioned reason.

Pru must have read my sign!

There's a plan Tippett.....

Our Team Czech could take on the Olympic Team Czech and kick it's ass!

Awww what a share bear

Jovo gives his reasons

Great Picture. Lombo deserves lots of signs that I can't give him

Damn new guys. Get with the program

..... which means ur actually good for nothing there slick

I want to end this with something good.  There are a lot of people that like the Coyotes.  A ton of people that I follow on Twitter have adopted us as their second team.  Some like us because we are the underdog.  Some like us because we’re scrappy.  Some like us because we have Prucha (@nhtproductions, @prukachu, @somelikeitblue @isakft I’m looking at you! #PruchaWars).  Whatever the reason, we are getting popular.

More people are starting to come to games.  It’s exciting that a buzz is starting to swirl around the boys.  I thought I’d share something that happened in the past week.  Before the Kings game, I met a couple from Canada who came down to visit.  He was a Sens fan and she was a Leafs fan.  Don’t ask me how they got  married, those are two teams that don’t have love for each other!  Anyways, I met them.  They were super cool people, really nice.  They remarked about Westgate and the building and kind of how good we had it here.  I saw them before the Canucks game too.  They came back!  Low and behold, I saw them before the Sharks game.  And Jason had on a Coyote shirt!  I said, oh my god, he’s rocking the apparel! He was like yep, they’re my favorite team in the West now!  Yay converts!

The moral of the story is that our team is damn good and damn endearing.  If people don’t already love us, they will watch us and then love us.  Unless we beat their asses, then they may not love us (right Sharks fans?).  We will have fans in the desert and we will support our team and they will stay.

I say this in the name of our Lord, Shane Doan.  Amen.

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5 Responses to A tisket, a tasket, put a Red Wing in a casket

  1. Derek says:

    Good stuff. Loved the pics and cute captions. Plus that story was wonderful. Don’t forget they are my adopted West team too. Pruuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jocie King says:

    This game was very frustrating, mostly because Red Wings fans are ridiculous. When I reminded the ones that were sitting near me of what the standings were for the Western Conference one “accidentally” spilled the remaining half of their beer all over me and when I was leaving they “accidentally” threw the beer can at me. And where was the usher during all of this? Already dealing with another dispute. And when walking to the car I overheard some idiot fans saying Bryz is one of the worst goalies in the league this season. I had to be dragged away at that point.

    It’s always disheartening to see the Yotes lose but having to deal with rude and disgusting fans in the thousands is not something we or any other team should have to deal with.

    Sorry, rant over. I really enjoyed the title for this post!

  3. yotesgurl says:

    Lol Jocie! I’m with you!

    Even during warmups, this guy said something to me and I ended up calling him a douchebag.

    It’s not even the majority of their fans, but they are so freaking horrible that it makes it unbearable and I end up hating THEM ALL.

    Thank God we don’t have another home Red Wings game.

    PS ~ It was a sellout tonight and if all those hockey fans live here, shame on them for not coming out more often.

  4. Mother of God – Nice job Amy. I was bumming pretty bad from the loss. Now I feel better 🙂

  5. Kerri says:

    “I can’t go to jail before the Meet the Players event on the 19th because I need to get Kerri’s Prucha jersey signed for her.”

    Um, no. No you can’t. No jail time while the Prucha is in your custody!!!

    In all seriousness, I think that Allyson, Kels, and all the other Prucha followers would tell you what started with Prucha has spread to the entire team. When I first started watching last March, my interest fell off as soon as Petr stepped off the ice. Now? I root for the entire team and have a handful of players I consider my favorites. (Prucha’s still #1!) The Coyotes remind me of the Rangers during Prucha’s rookie season… a team that hasn’t made the playoffs in a long time, predicted by many to place 30th in the league when the season is out, but thanks to good (and slightly defensive-minded) coaching, solid goaltending, and a do-or-die, never-quit attitude, they’re making a splash, and maybe like the Rangers, will manage to clinch a playoff berth AND re-energize a fanbase. Oh… and both teams have a lot of Czechs! When Prucha was first traded, I couldn’t imagine rooting for the Coyotes or thinking they had anything in common with the Rangers. (“WHY, of all teams!!!” was admittedly one of my first reactions. After *cry.*) But I’m very proud that the Coyotes have become my number 2.

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