I know how much I love hockey, how about you?

Ahh the things I will do for hockey money!

Now let me preface this story with a bit of background.  I spent a lot of time and money on attaining my Bachelors, Masters, and Specialist Degrees so that I could have a cush-ass job and pretty much skate through life.  Well, all was going according to plan until I fell head over heels in love with hockey.   This is what the addiction has done to me:

In order to get more money for hockey, I work a second job for a pittance compared to my real job.  So, while most people were sleeping off New Years Eve, I was at my second job by 6:30am.  Let me take this story a bit further……

I was working at a group home for three men with significant mental health issues.  The best part?  The list of tasks included cleaning the bathtub……

So there I am.  I am missing with Winter Classic on TV, while cleaning a bathtub, while the three men crammed themselves into the bathroom with me to watch me clean the tub because they were all really paranoid after watching a Twilight Zone marathon all morning.  One stood in the doorway, one sat on the counter, and one sat on the toilet.  None of them spoke.  Just eerily watched me clean their bathtub.

I love hockey bitches.  I blame the Czechs.

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One Response to I know how much I love hockey, how about you?

  1. You really deserve an award for that one. That is just plain creepy!

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