I ate the chicken….. where did we go wrong?

Blah!  What a blah game.  Stupid Sharks.

We came out of the gates blazing.  It seemed like the Czech line had about 9 scoring chances in the first period and we out-shot the Sharks 18 to 5.  We controlled the tempo of the game and somehow their backup was able to stave off our onslaught.

That's right Thornton, piddle like a puppy, Marty's gonna get you!

In the second, Huskins scores his second goal of the year and I’m pretty sure his first goal was against us too.  Ugh!  How can we have so many near-misses and these bozos score with so few chances.  Whatevs, we have Uppy and Uppy scored less than a minute later!  Assisted by Lombo, of course!

Uppy love

Uppy Love

Whew!  We’re getting better at not depending on getting the first goal.  We don’t stop fighting!

I had the Mueller jersey along…………. and Peter got an assist on the next goal!  Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaylor scored!  I’m so excited for you both!  Mueller has 4 points in the last three home games since I’ve started bringing the jersey.  GO MUELLER JERSEY POWER!

We're going old school Mighty Ducks?

Third period:  Ugh.  Stupid Sharks.  Boyle scored while Lauri was in the box.  Tie game.  OF COURSE!  We’re so damn high drama lately.  Fine, what’s a little more Overtime?

This is how Vrby looks right before he pounces

Overtime:  It basically boiled down to this:  Pseudo had the best scoring chance and the puck skated behind the goalie and went off the post.  It could just have easily hit the opposite way into the goal.  UGH!

Shootout:   Holy crap, these give me heart attacks!

Korpo ~ Such high hopes, you’re so good at these…….. Saved.

Radim ~ You’ve been pretty cold in shootouts lately Radim, you need your mojo back!  Saved.

Mueller ~ I guess we used up your mojo with the assist.  Saved.

Yandle ~ Wait, Yandle?  I said on twitter after the ‘Nucks game that they should have used Yandle.  Tippett apparently listened, but Yandle was saved.

Lang ~ Saved.  Pseudo has been having some rough games lately.

Doan ~ We held Doan this long?  Saved.

Hmm, I think that’s everyone.  Anyways, Bryz made a ton of saves in the shootout, but we couldn’t get a goal for him.  Finally, Clowe put one past Bryz.

Gratuitious Czech Picture

MVP of the Game: Bryz ~ You gave us a ton of chances to steal the extra point in the shootout but we couldn’t get you a goal.

Most Improved:  Mueller!  You got your 100th career point!  You were checking people.  You had a couple good scoring chances.  You got a point.  Keep it up!

Badass of the Game:  Czech Monster ~ Mr. Hanzal, you shut Thornton down.  As always.  Awesomeness.

Tip for Tippett:  I’m telling you, Prucha in the shootout!  There is no way there are 7 people better at shootout on the team than Prukins!

Injury report:  Fiddy and Vandy are still out.  I miss the Pants!  Come back!

The good part is that we only had two outright loses in the month of December.  We went 10-2-3.  Great!  We’re kicking butt and we just need to keep rolling.

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