Olympic/Jersey/Practice Mashup

Jersey Love:

First of all, I would like to welcome Prucha to the jersey family…….

There was so much atwitter this morning that I felt inspired to stop at the Den after practice.  Pruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!  Now I just need Lang and my Czech collection will be complete.


I set my alarm early so I could wake up and find out who made the Czech Olympic team.  Congrats Z!

Goooooooooooooooo Z!

Marty, don’t worry, you’ll go in 4 years and manhandle all of them with a ton of ice time.  Shane Doan did not make Team Canada.  Sami made Team Finland (gooooooooo Sami!)  so maybe we will see some dancing on TV.

Of course this was all according to plan……



Too bad part B of the plan didn’t work……..

Team Czech didn't buy Jovo as a Czech even though we mixed him in with the 4 Czechs. Fine, we'll keep him 😦

I guess I’m bummed because I know that the boys would have liked to go rep their countries, but at the same time, we really do need them healthy for the end of the year.  Torn.

..... except Lang, he's excited to get to sleep in


Even though the skate was optional, quite a few boys came out for drills.  Lang, Mueller, Lombardi, Prucha, Hanzal, Lepisto, Vandermeer, Winnik, Hoggan, Porter, Bizz, Eriksson, Yandle, Korpikoski, Jovo, LaBarbara, and Bryz.

The structured part was very light.  They did about 20-25 minutes of skating/passing drills and then went into individual work with a few while the others did shoot-around.  Bizz once again worked one-on-one with Dave King with puck handling.  Vandy and Winnik (Winnik wore no contact yellow jersey but Vandy was wasn’t) did quite a few skating drills to keep their legs up.  It was kinda like watching Miracle.  Again!  Again!  AGAIN!  Sully, don’t be mean to the Pants!

The shoot-around turned into a bit of a game for the boys.  Lang, Hoggan, Bizz, Mueller, Eriksson, and Porter surrounded the net.  The guy at the point would try to snipe it past Barbie.  If he did, or one of the guys got the rebound in, the point guy would get to go again.  If Barbie got the stop or deflected it to the corner, they would all rotate and the next guy would try.  It was pretty damn entertaining.  Lang was the MASTER of this!!!!!  He sniped three in a row by Barbie without rebound help and a couple other times got two in a row by him.  Something about the way he would bring the puck back and hide the angle it was going to come off his stick was super hard to read.

Surprisingly, Bizz also sniped three in a row past Barbie without needing rebound help!  He was soooo excited!  We were yelling for him and he loved it.  Job Bizz!

Poor Bizz gets blamed for everything

The comedy of practice:

Hoggan showed some nice hand-eye coordination by slapping a rebound out of mid-air past Barbie.

Some guys play air guitar, Yandle plays air slap-shots.  Umm nothing is there for you to hit bud!

Bizz randomly gave Marty a full-on hug.  Hockey is love.

Sami decided to randomly dance.  Because that’s what Sami does at practice?

When Lang had a badass shot, he called for cheers.  Who obliged?  Prucha!  Mainly because Prucha over-celebrates EVERY goal in practice.  He’s such a happy dude, and so is Lang.  So smiley at practice, it’s like a toothpaste commercial waiting to happen.

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3 Responses to Olympic/Jersey/Practice Mashup

  1. CK says:

    I should know this, but are the practices open to all, or are you just that cool that you get to go?

  2. hipchecks says:

    Almost matching prus?? This could get confusing and weird..

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