Playoff Prucha Point

The Sharks are leading the Pacific as was expected.  With the pickup of Heatley, they were expected to be contenders for the Presidents Cup.  It stands to reason that they would be going for their third win over the lowly Coyotes so far this year.

Yeah right.

We went into this game having won a shootout in SJ earlier this year and beating the Sharks at the Job.  This game was going to be a bit of a different beast though.

The first period was not our best.  Stupid Setoguchi.  Our defense broke down and we were down a goal early.  This is never a good thing on the road, especially for our somewhat anemic offense.  We held the rest of the period together and regrouped a bit.  Still, eek!

The second period is where were lost our crap.  We got a power play, yay!  And freaking Pavelski scored a short handed goal.  *Facepalm*  We are screwed!  Seriously?  DAMNIT!  We can’t let stuff like that happen against the Sharks.  They don’t have a history at all of choking and being unable to seal the deal……. bhahahahaha kidding!

This is the point at which the Coyotes of last year would have folded.  We would have cashed our chips in and saved some energy for the Canucks waiting for us the next night.  This is the 09-10 Coyotes and we don’t take a beat down from anyone, let alone this San Jose Women’s Chapter of Chokers Anonymous.

The difference between this year and last year?   Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you:        The Prucha.

Our energizer bunny

We scored because Prucha worked his ass off getting the puck away from the Sharks in their zone and then redirected a shot from Jovo.  Pruuuuuuuuuu!  There is no give up in this man and now there is no give up on our team.  He’s like the role model of energy and work that all the players need to strive towards.  The Rangers really screwed the pooch in giving up on this Czech pony because we are riding his back all the way to the playoffs baby!

They all have mad Pru love

Suddenly, we were back in the game.  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Shane Doan scores!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Way to go Jesus!  Tie game baby!

What’s that strange sound?  Oh yes!  That’s the Sharks choking on my fist that I shoved down their throats because they were being a bit too physical with the boys.

The third period was I-N-T-E-N-S-E.  I was on the edge of my seat and freaking out the whole time.  No one could get the clear advantage and when someone got close to scoring, the goalies were RIDICULOUS.  The Yotes killed off  a 5 on 3 penalty.   It was pretty epic.  Bad Marty and Jovo for being in the box! No score in the third.

Overtime:  I thought my heart was going to stop. We had a powerplay and Nabby robbed Doan like three times.  Our power play looked good with the extra room of being 4 on 3.  But alas, we did not score and Bryz survived a crazy barrage of shots in the last minute to take it to a shootout.


Radim, Mueller, and Lang did not hit the net.

Some Shark dudes did.

Whatevs, we are 2-0-1 against the Sharks this year with two games at their place done.  We end the season there and color me not excited about that!  We will match wits against them again on New Years Eve and we’ll be packin’ our Prucha!

MVP of the Game:  Petr Preston Prucha!!!!!!!!!  No, Czechs don’t really have middle names, but this just rolls off the tongue.  Pruuuuuuuuuuuuu!  You worked your tail off and got us on the board.  If you don’t score we get more desperate and chase the game more and most likely do not get the extra point.  This could possibly be the known forever as the Playoff Prucha Point.  I’m calling it now!

Most Improved:  Yandle.  Kind of.  He made some mistakes and I did yell YANDLE at the screen, but he was all over the ice at the end of the game and was great in the power play during OT.  Keep it up Yands.

Tip for Tippett:  Vandypants was scratched.  It was indicated that he was scratched due to an upper body injury.  This better be the case because we cannot afford to have Mr. Rough n Tumble rocking a suit while you are trying to make a point.  We love the Pants.  We NEED the Pants.

Streaker:  Marty!  Look at the Czech Monster having 4 points in his last 4 games.  Let’s go beat down those freaking Swedish Twins tomorrow night and get a hat trick k?

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3 Responses to Playoff Prucha Point

  1. Derek says:

    his is the 09-10 Coyotes and we don’t take a beat down from anyone, let alone this San Jose Women’s Chapter of Chokers.

    lmao that was great. I love all the praise you gave for Pru. God. What did we ever do that again for? A rental to lose in Rd.1. And then they also parted with Korp for Lisin, who is such a waste. Amazing. Pru is missed for that kind of yeoman effort. He never backs down.

  2. hipchecks says:

    YAY PRU!!!!!! I miss you Pru but don’t worry, I will be home soon.

  3. Kels says:

    Okay literally some mix of laughing and crying. Tears streaming on cheeks.

    “Who me?”

    We love some Prucha…

    And yes, yes! The Rangers NEVER knew how important it was to have a little pepperpot of energy who always smiled and who NEVER EVER stopped working hard! Every single game, he puts it all out there. Little big man, big big big heart!!

    Screw the Rangers for not hanging onto him! And Bless Maloney for bringing him to the desert. That was a real hard working type of goal – exactly like Prucha is!

    45 minutes to game time! 😉

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