I’m about to go all crazy hockey mom…… minus having the kid…….

Alright people.  I get that the team is doing wonderful.  I get that we are used to having so much more to bitch and moan about and we are really struggling and scraping the bottom of the barrel for complaints.  Here is an idea…… SHUT UP.  We are winning and doing great.  Why must you delve into the crevices of the team to find something to bitch about?

Case in point:  Peter Mueller

Yes, yes he had a great rookie season.  But it seems that teams didn’t really see him coming and didn’t defend him decently.  He had 22 goals and 32 assists, but it seems like he was playing on a pretty badass line with a Mr. Shane Doan consistently.   Doan?  No one ever plays extra defensive attention to him.  Surely they were all swarming all over the rookie, right?

But Amy, we should play Korpo more.  Mueller should be scratched.  Really?  Korpo has played 31 games and has 2 goals and 2 assists (both goals coming in one game).  Mueller has played 32 games and has 1 goal and 8 assists.  Hmmm, yes, I DO see now Mueller is sucking so much more than Korpikoski.  You’re right!

Maybe in a world where 4 is more than 9.

But Amy, Korpo has a lot of speed and creates chances.  Yeah well so does Mikkel Boedker and look where that poor Danish child is at.  Chances mean pretty much squat unless they are meaningful and can be finished.

Personally, I’ll take good hands over good speed considering our team is already pretty damn fast but we aren’t exactly handsy.

I’m also willing to put some pretty decent money on the career of Mueller being quite a bit better than the people he is being scratched over.  I’m not saying that I don’t like Korpo, but when this is the argument against Mueller, this is the argument I will vehemently refute.

Basically, back the hell off the boy because he just needs some time and some confidence.  I believe in him and will roll with that kid ’til the wheels fall off.

And shame on  you for trying to throw a 21 year old kid under the bus when we are doing so well and you need to find SOMETHING to bitch about.  Here’;s an idea.  Be happy and excited that we are doing so well.

PS ~ Shootout ~ Lauri had one goal in the shootout.  Mueller has had quite a few more.  Flash only counts if it hits the net.

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2 Responses to I’m about to go all crazy hockey mom…… minus having the kid…….

  1. boedkerrocks says:

    AMEN Amy Jo…..you hit the nail on the head!!!! give that to Tippett

  2. CK says:

    You know I’m not hating on Petey when I say I want to see Korpi in SO’s right? Also, not saying he should be above him on the depth chart. But -if- Korpi is playing, and were in a SO, Korpi gets a shot. Mueller is a auto pick for SO’s.

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