Behold the Power of the Mueller Jersey!!!!!

So we had a big, emotional ceremony for Shane Doan.  I won’t go on and on about Shane Doan, but this pretty much sums up my feelings:

Jesus laughed and smiled huge when he read this. ❤ you Jesus!

Love you Doan.

So we get into the game and since LA had an 8 day layoff we are totally gonna kick their butts!  We go out there and……….. LA scores first.  Wait…. that isn’t how this script is supposed to go.  We need to start this take over.  No redos?  Seriously?  Damnit!  Ok.  But we are so much better when we score first!  Crap.


Are you not entertained?

BIZZ BEAT THAT GUY’S ASS!  He did great in his fight and the crowd (over 16K) got back into the game.  Good job Bizz!  Note to Greene:  Don’t screw with the toothless wonder, he don’t play nice with others.

Bryz had a great play where he skated way out to poke away the puck that was dangerously flying into our zone.  Bryz got hit by a King and then Vandypants shoved the King into the glass.  YEAH PANTS!

Man up Yandle! lol

Then who scores………. ADRIAN!  Apparently, he scared the goalie Quick and the puck snuck in!  Good job Adrian, we’re back even with the Kings!   Pseudo made an AMAZING pass to Aucoin.  ❤ Pesudo!

Then. it. happened.  CZECH MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Martin (apparently sometimes I call him Martin) shot the puck at the net and it bounced way up in the air and over the goalie and bounced into the goal.  Wooooooooooooo!  Czech Monster appearreth!  Two goals in two games.  That’s an honest to God streak baby!  I totally ate chicken and this was the Czech goal!

Yes, yes you are

The first period we killed the Kings offensively.  We had like 21 SOG to their 2 SOG at one point I swear!

The second period happened.  Ummmmmmmmm I don’t remember much?

Third period:

The freaking Kings tied it.  CRAP!  I can’t handle shootouts, we need to win this sucker in regulation boys!  Then two important things happened:

Eww! Double Eww!

Yandle scored………. assisted by MUELLER!

Behold the power.....

Ok last game I brought Mueller’s jersey because he needed some Mojo and the last time I wore it, he scored two goals in a game.  And last game he had two assists!  So I wore Mueller (on top of my Vrby jersey cuz let’s be real, I’m not abandoning Vrby).  AND HE GOT ANOTHER POINT TONIGHT!!!!!!!

Behold the power of the Mueller jersey.  I believe in Peter.  The tide has turned.  I feel it.  I’m so excited for you kid!

The second important thing… penalties.  Hanzal had a penalty.  Then at the end of the game Lombo got another penalty.  Then Vandypants got a penalty.  AND the Kings freaking pulled their goalie!  The game ended with 6 on 3 hockey.  Z and Marty and Jovo kicked ass for the last minute!  SO PROUD!

You were great Bryz!

MVP of the Game:  Ummmmm.  Ummmm.  MARTY!  He was killer on the 6 on 3 at the end of the game for 49 seconds!  YOU BADASS!  Not only did he have his second goal in two games, the Czech power play unit had a good night and had me pretty much pulling my hair out with all their near-misses.  UGH!  He was #2 star of the game, but he’s my #1.

Most Improved:  Still going with Mueller.  Jersey power!

Tip for Tippett:  Stick with Mueller, I’m gonna keep wearing the jersey.

Oh yeah, Winnik got hurt and left the game.  Fiddy has a lower body injury that Strader said was a groin issue.  Everyone stay healthy damnit!  You two are good PK guys!

Gratuitous Czech Picture.... kind of

And finally, I can’t say enough:

❤ You

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3 Responses to Behold the Power of the Mueller Jersey!!!!!

  1. OMG I SAW YOUR SIGN ON THE SCREEN! When I saw it I yelled “I KNOW HER! We talk on Twitter!!! YAAAAAYYY!

    Did you see that crap hit on Jovo! I ❤ how he shook it off and went after the guy! Damn refs didn't call the hit and then stopped Jovo from murdering the guy! WHAT B/S!!!

    Amazing tribute to Doan though. I loved the turn out!

  2. Kels says:

    Again, I don’t get to see game in “live-time” and yet I get all the goodness right here!

    You rock!! =)

    And yes, my nights are decidedly better when the Yotes win. Especially after seeing the Rangers lose. To their rivals. Ew.

    Go Czechs!!

  3. Jenna says:

    Um, so at one point, I am pretty sure I saw Pru draped over a seat. Yay Pru!!

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