The 12 days of Coyotes…..

On the twelfth day of Christmas,  the Coyotes gave to me:

Twelve Yandles falling:

Yandle Down! + 11

Eleven Uppys primping:

I let you give me crap about Lombo, leave the primping alone!

Ten Doans a-smiling:

All smiles +9 more just like it

Nine Sami’s dancing:

Not quite dancing, goooo Sami!

Eight Langs a-scoring:

+ 7 more Pseudos!

Seven Ex-Flames a-shoving:

Vandypants and Adrian ... scary combo

Six Zs a-laying:

Amy, I iz not hen, I iz Z!

Five Crazy Czechs:


Four Vrby nods:

Couldn't find Vrby nods... but super smiley Vrby makes me happy

Three Pru winks:

Much better in real life and when directed at you

Two Bryz saves:

No more pouty Bryz this year! Great Wall of Russia!

And a puck flipped by Marty!

The infamous puck from Athlete's Resource Camp. Badass.

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One Response to The 12 days of Coyotes…..

  1. monikawk says:

    Ahh so far good season! And espscially the last one for you!

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