Marty Mueller Mayham Man!

I was a bit nervous.  For 7 games, Jenna has rocked the Pru jersey and I have rocked the Vrby jersey and we have won every home game.  Jenna had screwed up priorities and went to WI for Xmas.  The streak was in jeopardy!  Luckily, she left me the Pru jersey so I could bring it with me!

With Marty being “questionable” for the game, I was… a bit concerned.  So during warmups, during the usual sign gawkage, I asked him about it.  I pointed to my nose and then did the thumbs up or thumbs down sign.  He was like, pfffffffffffffft I’m fine and gave the smug nod back to me.  He was good to go!  And was he ever!

I hate the Ducks.  I hate Getzlaf.  I hate Wizdouchski.  I hate Perry.  I hate Grandpa Neidermeyer.    But they were non-factors.  Like the whole team I mean.

8 minutes into the first, the Up-Do-Bo line struck again.  They are crazy on fire, especially Uppy!

I score, I score! I fall, I fall!

I don’t know what has gotten into that boy, but damn, keep it up.  You and Radim can push each other to score!

Then. it. happened.  Mr. Czech Monster appeareth.  Marty brought the puck over the blue line and launched a hard shot at the net….. and hit it.  Umm I think I blacked out for a second so here is a picture montage of what happened:

The shot...... (Czech Monster is all bendy like Gumby)

Lots of Czech love......

..... and Uppy loves him too!

I iz a Czech Monster after all! Woooo!

Focus Bryz! Celebrate later!

UGH! BLASPHEMY!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was excited to say the least.  Good job Marty!!!!!!

Now I will give a bit of background on Mueller before continuing.  Mueller was my first favorite, my first jersey, my first random player run-in, and my Minnesota boy!  He was the reason I first really liked the Coyotes.  The last time I wore his jersey before I deserted him for Czechs was last New Years Eve when we played the Avs and he had like two goals.  He has had a rough time ever since and I feel responsible.  Since the jersey power was in question tonight anyways, I brought my Mueller jersey along to the game.

Mueller had a strong game and two assists.  This is his first multi-point game of the year.  I’m sorry I left you Peter!  I’ll bring your jersey from now on!  I still believe in you!!!!   By the way, it’s a TRAVESTY that you did not get one of the stars of the game.

We all believe in your Peter!

Taylor scored and Lang scored and Mueller assisted on both goals.  It’s going to turn around for him, I know it.

Oh! I almost forgot!  We booed Wisdouchski every time he touched the puck!  It was great!  For future reference:  Don’t fuck with our Captain/Jesus.

Nick Boynton:  If you punch Prucha in the back of the head again, I’ll punch you in your vagina.  K?

I miss Sami. So does Pseudo!

MVP of the Game:  Bryz!   Shutout!  You get Chili Dogs baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Awesome Bryz, seriously.

Most Improved:  Peter Motherf-ing Mueller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I knew you could do it.  I’m bringing the jersey.  Goal time.

Most Awesome Czech of the Game:  Martyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!  (Cuz he scored and I think he needs kudos and 7 pictures wasn’t enuff)

Tip for Tippett:  This was all my fault, not Peter.  Don’t scratch him anymore.

Tip for us all:  It’s impossible to creep on a creeper:

He sees all. He knows all. The power of the pants.....

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2 Responses to Marty Mueller Mayham Man!

  1. Kels says:

    Too too funny!

    See I missed the entire game and I feel like I didn’t now! 😉 And I get a laugh too.

    Wow Bryz! Wow Czech love! Wow Uppy! Go Yotes! =)

  2. Jenna says:

    Jim is such a creeper! OMG!!!

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