Group trip…….

Earlier in the year, the Philadelphia Flyers took team building time in Florida and went sailing.  The Chicago Blackhawks went golfing with their Dads.  It made Jenna and I wonder what the Coyotes would do together……

We figured that they would have trouble all doing one field trip because the boys are all so different.  They would definitely need two options for field trips.

We ended up with the Shoppers:

Lauri, Marty, Sami, Taylor, Peter, Petr, and Uppy head off to the city to pick up some sweet ass threads.

……….. and we ended up with the Campers:

Pseudo, Adrian, Vandypants, Lombo, Shane, and Fiddy head off to hone their skills by wrestling with bears

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One Response to Group trip…….

  1. monikawk says:

    Hahaha! The shoppers are secretly fashionistas and Fiddy & Langer seem like happy campers:)

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