Did someone kidnap the boys? They’ve been gone for forever!

It feels like the boys have been gone for a month.  It’s been a week, but really, it feels like so much longer.  Four road games with crazy travel to Detriot, Toronto, Columbus, and then all the way back to Anaheim before coming home?  Ridiculous.   Lombo agrees…..

Miss you too Bo!

Yesterday was the last game before they come home.  It wasn’t supposed to be on TV again.  Anaheim and Phoenix games need to be on TV!  How am I supposed to know when to boo when Wizdouchski has the puck?  At the last minute, the Ducks put their in-house feed on Center Ice.  Now Phoenix did this with the Sens game and I watched it.  It wasn’t too bad.  OMG the Ducks feed SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!  They had horrible movement, were too zoomed in almost the whole time, and would randomly show ads……. during play!  WTF?

Marty's memory is long......

The first period….. we were much more offensively aggressive than the Ducks.  We controlled the puck in the Ducks zone for the majority of the period and we killed them in SOGs.  But we were down 1-0 at the end of the period.  How in the hell did that happen?  Well our PK was good the in first period with Pyatt and Jovo getting penalties.  The Ducks just got a goal.  It’s life.  Stupid Ducks.

Ever the gentlemen, Vandypants tries to do introductions. Ever the ass, Bobby Ryan doesn't care.

In the second period, we came storming back….. kind of.  Mr. 1,0001 scored!!!!!!!!!!!!  Good job Jesus!  It’d had been so long since your last goal.  Hopefully, this will make the floodgates open for you because, sweet Jesus, do we ever need it!

Uppy tries to save the Coyotes money by offering discount translation services

We cheered!!!!!!!!!!!!  And while we were still cheering, freaking CHIPCHURA scored.  Does he even really play in the NHL?  I guess so.  Well, we were excited for 30 seconds.  Then Jovo got tired and wanted a time out so he got a penalty.  Who scores during this penalty?  Getzlaf.  We all know what this means.  JOVO, I’M SO FREAKING PISSED AT YOU BECAUSE NOT ONLY DID THE DUCKS SCORE, IT WAS FREAKING GETZLAF AND I CANNOT STAND THAT MAN!!!!  Jovo, you’re going on my On-Notice list (but more on that later….)

Crap, I guess Chipchura really does play in the NHL. Who knew?

So we were down 3-1.  Crap.  Well when we were at the Ducks before, we were down 4-0 and scored 3 third period goals.  We can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!    Who scores?  ADRIAN!!!!!!!

Adrian scores AND can beat people up!

So it’s 3-2.  Goooooooooooo us!  We’re gonna beat some asses!  It turns out, it’s our own asses we’re gonna beat!  5 penalities in the third period.  Five.  I will address them here:

Winnik:  Damnit Winnie!  We need to score, not work on our PK!

Vandypants:  Defensively responsible, I will never question the manner in which you do ur job. This wasn’t helpful though.

Jovo:  Jovo!  I already put you on my list!  You’re in the box AGAIN?

Lombo:  Hooking on a breakaway.  Bryz stopped the penalty shot so you are forgiven.

Jovo:  Three penalties?  That’s it.  You deserve a game or two in a suit in the pressbox.  Sami would have been better in this game.

Paul loses his head..... that works in more than one way. Adrian's such a good dad.

So we are down 3-2.  And we pull Bryz for an extra attacker.  This is when Jovo get his third (fucking third?) penalty and we are screwed.  The stupid Ducks get an empty net goal and we lose 4-2.

Jealousy is a bitch. So is Ryan Whitney.

MVP of the game:  Jovo.  Jovo was definitely the most valuable player for the Ducks.

Most Improved:  Jesus!  You scored!  Let the epic flood of goals cometh.  I’ll start building the ark.

Tip for Tippett:  I love all the forwards, but if I need to literally kidnap someone to get Mueller back in the lineup, I will.  Fiddy (lower body injury and stitches to the kisser) could use some time off or I could use some quality one-on-one time with Pyatt.   Don’t say I didn’t warn you Tippett.

Congrats Jovo..... You're now "On Notice"

Gratuitous Czech Picture

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