Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Pseudo!

Pseudo!  HAPPY 39th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grandpa Pseudo leads the way!

The title is German for Happy Birthday to you (I would have used Czech, but let’s be real, you’re German 😛 )

It was exactly 39 years ago today that your mother expelled you out into the world to make your way.  And what a way you’ve made!  You have been to wonderous places, seen wonderous things, and done wonderous deeds.

Lang circa 1995. I was 13! He was 25 already!

A is for Amazing?

Was it extra cold in DC that you needed all that hair? Mid-life crisis?

When I go to heaven, I will be greeted and say, Hello Jesus. The man will say, no Amy, it's me, Pseudo!

The Red Wings? I am choosing to believe this a picture from Halloween and he went as a douche.

Eek, this isn't much better

Ok this is just ridiculous. No one should dress you this way Robert, find a way to come to Phx!

I don't know what happened? It just hurts. I better go to Phoenix.

Welcome home Pseudo!

I stand guard. Jagr told me keep his stuff safe.

Crap guys, Jagr's passed out. I gotta go call his wife.

No, it's all natural. But I hear not only is Getzlaf a member of the Hair Club for Men, he's also the President

Have a great birthday Pseudo by kicking the hell out of the Ducks.  I’m calling it now.  BIRTHDAY GOAL!

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One Response to Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Pseudo!

  1. boedkerrocks says:

    ah Amy I could read that headline of yours:) wonder how many others can, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBBY!!

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