Signs update….. (I’ve been a slacker)

The real reason for Getzlaf's baldness. This and the fact that God hates people who murder kittens

Thanksgiving sign... This is when Tippett sat Vandy out. And Vandypants finally had a sign somewhat for him. I was PISSED!

Crap I don't remember what game this was for..... Blackhawks?

My first sign with props.......

Vrby was the muscle car (?), Marty was the mustang, and Z was the sportscar. Vrby liked his.

Pru was the Mercedes (cuz that's how he rolls) and Lang was the old VW. Cuz I think he's old and secretly German.

And I'm gonna have to go the Czech route for Marty. He told me he can't read English well 😦

Marty's all up in Thornton's kitchen

Ok I’ve decided making 44 signs for one dude is a huge undertaking.  A brand new sign for every game….. I was crazy!  They are gonna get pretty pathetic by the end of the season.  Sorry Marty, I’m lame.

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One Response to Signs update….. (I’ve been a slacker)

  1. David Cosand says:

    Have to give you props for the props.

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