Wild West Shootout

And so it begins

It sure didn’t start well did it?  I guess I’m still used to last year when Bryz would let two goals in and completely lose his shit.  It could have easily turned into a 7 goal affair.  But then we realized that, goddamnit, we’re the Coyotes and we don’t take shit off of anyone.  Who got it going for us?  None other than Up-Bo.  And Mueller!  PETER!  You’re playing like the lil studmeister that I know you to be.  Uppy, that pre-game coffee seemed to do the trick and you & ur other half had an awesome breakaway.  But things wouldn’t be quite so easy because LA has a dark secret……..


And that’s a problem for us because………..

The dangers of cuteness

Eek!  At all times we had 4 skaters trying to win the damn game and one skater who was devoted solely to making sure the damn zombie didn’t try to munch on the Czechs (thank god Aucoin is tougher than Chuck Norris).  It’s hard to comeback from a deficit normally, but especially hard under these circumstances.

So our power play has been ass.  Not fancy ass.  Not fast ass.  Just plain ass.  Until…………….

Czechs do it bettah

Now Vrby, you would never have scored this goal if Marty hadn’t worked his ass off beating that puck until it popped over Quick’s pads for you to easily bat in.  The puck may have even wandered leisurely over the line by itself if you hadn’t helped it along.  So you kind of stole that goal from Marty.  But it’s ok, I forgive you because you’re Vrby!  And you’re all badass!

Hockey 'tis serious business ~ Get 'em Vrby!

Tie game.  Overtime in the Pacific Division, who would have ever thought? Umm everyone.  And not only overtime, but a shootout!  A long shootout!  Pretty soon Vandypants was gonna have to go out and shoot cuz it was crazy!  Ever wonder what goes on in the heads of the dudes on the bench?

Age-old gripes

I’ll ignore the Kings shooters because …. well it’s my blog and I’ll do whatever I want.

Vrby ~ UGH!  You gotta elevate the puck hun.  But you already scored a goal tonight, so you’re still golden.

Mueller ~ You freaking stud!  You just skate up and burn the goalie.  So skilled it could make me weep.  Do it in the game hun!

Doan ~ Take some notes from Mueller.

Korpo ~ You have sick moves but you better start romancing the posts so they aren’t so damn mean to you!

Pruuuuuuuuuuuuu ~ You almost lost the puck but you scored!  You were so excited!  You’re my favorite to watch celebrate by miles.

Lombo ~ Ummm…. Lombo?

Pseudo ~ You had a sick game and had like 434 chances.  But you totally beat Quicks ass to score!  And like a pimp you just skate back to the bench.

Uppy ~ Sorry hun.  Someone had to make it end.

Gratuitous Czech picture

MVP of the game ~ Im gonna go with Vrby (I’m so damn biased).  Without the tying goal we wouldn’t have gotten our pity point.

What could have been ~ Pseudo.  Langer, you had a good game.  With your crazy moves and chances it could have easily been a hat trick

I need more:  I need Angry Doan.  There!  I said it!

Dumbass, Doan likes to rides horses. You cannot ride Doan like a horse

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