Up Close and Personal…. aka EXTREME CLOSE UP!

Laughy McLaugherton


Assistant Captain Z

Smiley Z

Non-Smiley Z

Z pouts?

Hi Z!

Where ya going Z?

Bye Z!

WTF's up with the beard Yandle? We haz no playoffs!

Confused boy

KY.... jelly?

Winnie the Pooh


Hi Vrbs! Hi!!!!

I ❤ my Czechs


Oh Christ, what did you two steal now.....


One half of Up-bo


Dance machine

Don't try to deny the dancing Sami


Why the long face Lombo? Did you lose Uppy?



Pseudo you did it!!!

Amy never makes me signs 😦

I haz mad Czech love for Langer!

More Pseudo!

One. last. Pseudo.


Petr Prukins!

This Czech has jokes

Go Pru!

Hi Bizz!

Is this man seriously trying to boss Jesus?

Tape up that wood Adrian!

Summer signing. Muels!


That damn soul patch!

The Bo portion of Up-Bo


Cinch 'er up tight Marty

Go get 'em Tay!

Apparently photographers have mad Czech love too

Whatcha laughin' at sly boy?




We need a nickname for you hun

The Finnish Assassin?

Vandypants deep in throught..... about sandwiches

All that sandwich thinking made him hungry

Oh Joakim, I miss you. You were my IKEA baby.

Jesus thinks hard

You know you want a puck!

He's the best captain ever

Sometimes C is for Captain, but sometimes C is for Christ

Always smiley!

Heska you kinda skate like a duck

Oh Goertzy, I miss you too! You were my dark horse scorer!

What a burglar

Uncle Eddy

Z why are you with the elderly men?

Bubble boy Doug?

Crazy Russian

Hot dogs Bryz! Hot dogs!

Bizz and Pru

Aww Baby Teeks, I just wanna eat you up

My lil chipmunk boy! Just wanna pinch ur cheeks

Happy Baby Dane!!!

Take a breath Baby Dane



Al ur mask is scary!

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One Response to Up Close and Personal…. aka EXTREME CLOSE UP!

  1. Isa says:

    Korpikoski has a nickname already! It is Korpedo! 😀

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