I must be dreaming…. oh wait, my dreams are more exciting than this….

It was ultra hard to get engaged in this game.  Damn you Minnesota and your boring ass hockey!

Before the game the STH were invited to a talk by Brad Trevliving.  He talked about the team, where we are, and where we can go.  I found out info about San Antonio.  Jonas had season ending surgery.  Al is having surgery in Phoenix tomorrow and will be out 4 months.  Spina is still about two months out.  Baby Teek is in Russia, but he can be recalled back to the Coyotes.  Unlikely, but we still have the option.  I sat behind my sign counterparts (from the other side of the arena) and they crack me up!  I ❤ Coyote fans.  If she makes a Brawny man sign with Vandermeer on it, it was my idea!

Kids love Jesus. And Jesus loves kids.

First period:  ZZZZzzzzzzz………. wait what?  Hockey started?  The funnyness of Uppy’s parents and girlfriend sitting in front of us again distracted me from hockey.  We had some decent prolonged pressure at times, but Backstrom was up to the task.  Mueller was on the Up-Bo line.  He played well and had some good moves towards the goal.  Always a good direction to be aimed.  By the way, I think Mueller has a Mike Green faux-hawk now.  I don’t know how I feel about this Peter.  You better get some Green-like moves from the hair.  At the end of the period, I was walking up the stairs behind Uppys chick and Uppys Dad ran up the other side and poked her on the opposite shoulder so she turned around to look at me.  I was like, It was Dad!  Bad Uppy’s Dad.  Now I know where Uppy gets it from.

Hey! Lombo needs that butt, don't knee it!

First intermission tweet-up:  A whole lotta dudes and me.  It started out where it was supposed to be me and Larry to see if he was a real person or a real estate bot.  Then Zyllyx jumped in the mix.  Then Ghosthoffa.  Then BuyYotesTix, Odinmercer, and Kash1221.  Hmm, I think that was it.  Anyways, it was interesting.  Kind of random to stand in a big group with people you don’t know without alcohol, but whatevs, I’d do it again.  Larry’s kids were funny.  Good times.

Second period.  Still didn’t feel engaged in the game.  Damn you Wild!  Ironic that your asses aren’t wild at all.  Can you be the Minnesota Mild from now on?  Yes please.  So from what little I can recall, Uppy got practically boarded (to which I yelled where the hell is the boarding?) and he got up, was pissed, and went and scored a goal.  UPPY!  He was excited and just laid on his back in the crease with his arms over his head.  YEAH!  His fam was excited.  Then less than two minutes later, Taylor scored!  Taylor is becoming an attention hog with his goal streak of three games.  Quit stealing Uppy’s thunder Taylor.  We were up 2-0, but you know no lead is safe with our inconsistent butts.

It's Doan'd dumbass

Third period:  A whoooooooole lotta Bryz being badass crazy Russian.  And Jovo popped a guy in the head and the Wild got PISSED.   Whatevs.  Insert more badass Bryz here.  The Wild only had three shots on goal during the period so, we actually played a whole 60 minutes of hockey.  Woot!  Our PK has been badass and our PP has just been ass.

Yandle trying to make a snowman

After the horn, the Wild were still pissy.  There were words/pushes/facewashes/cusses exchanged.  The Wild wouldn’t leave the ice and Fiddy ended up beating the crap out of some douchebag.  It was awesome!  YEAH FIDDY!  It didn’t feel like an exciting win so Fiddy threw in some fireworks at the end.  What a burglar.

When it was finally cleared out at the end Marty skated out to Bryz and lifted his arms to the crowd like, come on, cheer!  Yandle and Jovo body bumped.  It was pretty epic.

The Czech/Chicken streak is over.  Thank God.  I was going to have to hurl if I ate it again this week.  I think Pru missed that empty net goal just to be nice to me.  Thanks Prukins!

Mueller up for the text-in MVP of the game.  He got 95% of the vote because I love him to death and voted like the ENTIRE third period.  Don’t trade the boy or I will have to stab someone.

Uppy’s nice girlfriend said bye to us at the end of the game and Uppys Mom waved.  ❤ them.  Ok, to verify a previous blog post about Uppy being really excited and he must have been super fun to watch open Christmas presents as a kid……….  I totally asked his Mom if he was super excited to open Christmas presents as a kid.  She said, oh yes, and he still is!   Lol Uppy.

Warmups.  Czech drama with Dimples and Pru.  Nice.

Gratuitous Czech Picture ~ YOU SHALL NOT PASS! Marty's Gandolf?

MVP ~ Bryz ~ and I never give this award to Bryz.  4th shutout.  Chili-dogs for Bryz!

Most Improved ~ Mueller.  I believe.  Now you need to.

Bad Ass ~ Fiddy!

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