Damn it’s a good thing I ate that chicken

I have blogged before about how whenever I eat chicken at the game, a Czech scores a goal.  We were already ahead in the game so I thought about skipping it.  But, alas, I got the chicken in the first intermission.  Then in the second period….. Pru scores.  Like clockwork baby!  And am I ever glad that I did cuz we needed that goal!

It was a late start game so the Canucks, Jenna and I went to McFaddens before the game.  My friend Jessica came along and it was her very first hockey game!!!!  I should have known better than to go anywhere before a game because I get crazy anxious if I can’t go in when the doors open.  I know, I’m weird.  Anyways, the service sucked and for the second time in a row, my drink sucked.  Me no like it there.

Oh, yeah, the game!

Warmups were a crack up with Jessica there because we could tell her all the things that were going to happen.  Ahhh the routine.  Marty will skate around twice and then look back at us.  Pru will be on the other side and read my sign.  Vrby will come over and screw with his skate.  Doan will hit Hanzal on the leg.  Uppy and Lombo will play catch across the ice like three times.  Ahhh, warmups.  We tried to get her to pick a player to watch during the game so she felt more engaged.  She ended up with Lombo.  An excellent choice.

The first period……. Jovo was super anxious to remind everyone that he hadn’t passed away of old age so he scored a goal quickly.  He’s alive!  ALIVE!  Good ol’ Jovo 1.0.  It was nice to get on the board so quickly and we love having a lead.

Pru distracts the goalie with his dancing so while Jovo scores.

Taylor has apparently had enough with the camping  and wants to move on to more productive things like scoring goals.  Has the floodgate opened?  Is there such a thing as a floodgate in Pyatt-land?  Maybe.  He does really well with Fiddy and Winnik.  Once again, his goal was unassisted.  Maybe he is amazing and just doesn’t play well with others?

Hey you, how you score dem goals, Vrby asks. Pru says, YES! Goalie is WEAK! I score next!

We had a great period, we were pretty aggressive and Bryz had some good saves.  During intermission, I got the chicken and prepared for Czech magic.

The second period……  The Czechs were ready.  The Czechs were set.  The Czechs sent Pru to put one in the net.  Pruuuuuuuuuuu!  The Prucha floodgates have opened?  I know there is a Pru floodgate because he had 30 goals his rookie year.  Way to go Pru!  I can’t really explain how great it is when Pru scores and gets super excited.  He’s kind of like a kid on Christmas.  Hmmm, maybe him and Uppy are long lost cousins?

Is that the karate kid? No, that's just excited Pru!

Prukins put us up 3-0.  Then we must have felt pretty secure because kind of coasted a bit during the rest of the game.  We only had 4 shots on goal during the third period and Brzy got way, way, way too much of a work out.  In the third, Bryz let in a flukey goal that he couldn’t have done much about so his shutout and chilidog bonus were out the window.  Sowwy Bryzy.    Then with two minutes left (!) the Sens pulled their goalie for an extra attacker.  Obviously these teams haven’t scouted the Coyotes very well.  If they had, they would have pulled the goalie with ten minutes left on the clock.  We cannot score on an open net.  They could have had an extra attacker for ten minutes, assured in the knowledge that we would not score on their open net.  Anyways, the stupid Sens scored in the last minute and the final was 3-2.

Z says NO! Denied.

Baby Dane: OMG are we STILL on the jumbotron? Shane: Umm, yep.

So during the game, we discovered that once again, Uppy’s family seats were in front of us.  We realized this after his girlfriend came down and started talking to the people in front of us.  Then during the third period, the guy in front of me waved at Uppy and Uppy gave the big smile and head nod back to him.  I asked the woman, are you his family or do you just know him?  She says, Oh, I’m his Mom and this is his Dad.


My next question to her:  Oh!  Hmm, did we say anything bad about Uppy?    Her answer: No, but you seem to know your hockey.

LMAO.  My life cracks me up.

This guy is my seat neighbor. Kind of.

And Jessica?  She really liked the game!  Jenna and I were talking about she has the #16 jersey (Pru!) and I have the #17 jersey (Vrby!) and she says, well maybe I should get #15 (Lombo!).  We’d be all sequential and shit.  Yay!    I’m really excited that she loved it, but how could she not?  We have the most bestest team.

Hai Amy!

MVP of the Game:  PRU!!!! (Again).  Without his chicken-induced goal, the stupid Sens would have taken us to overtime.  He’s such a crazy hard worker and I’m completely stoked that it is all starting to pay off for him.  Prukins!

Most Improved:  Jovo.  Scoring a goal is way better than rocking your suit in the pressbox.  Well done.

Invisible Man:  Aucoin.  I didn’t see him hit anyone in the head and shove them down.  Adrian, you know your brutal violence gives me the warm fuzzies  😦

Gratuitous Czech Picture. Czech sandwich. Nice.

Sunday Practice:

There was practice Sunday morning at Alltel.  It must have been optional because attendance was pretty sparse.  Gold stars to the boys who drug their asses out of bed and laced up the skates:

Doan ~ Yandle ~ Sami ~ Pru ~ Baby Dane ~ Bizz ~ Muels ~ Korpo ~ Schlem ~ and Labarbara

Doan, of course you attended the optional practice.  You are Jesus and lead by example.  WWJD?  It’s now WWDD?

As always, practice was a joke-mill.  Yandle blew a tire during a drill and let himself slide on his stomach all the way across the rink and hit the boards.  Yandle DOWN.  STILL DOWN.  STILL… BOARDS!  The guys had a good laugh at this, as did we.

Pru was still overly excited and yelling when his group scored a goal.  How much happy can be crammed into one person?  Seriously.

Sami showed why we need Sami-cam.  He just randomly threw himself down on the ice and slid until he stopped.  WTF?  He stuck his stick in his mouth and bit down on it like a dog carrying a bone around.  Sadly he didn’t break out into full dance mode this time, but he did have the dancerish moves.

The drills worked on battling for the puck in tight areas, passing/driving to the net, and some target practice.  While the boys were down at the other end shooting around, Dave King worked one-on-one with Bizz for about 20 minutes.  He had him doing work along the boards  keeping pucks in, intricate puck handling, and taking shots in specific places.  He really worked hard.  King was really great with him and it was pretty endearing to see Bizz working hard to get better.  Go Bizz!

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