Healthy scratch THIS Tippett!



1. (of a person) difficult to deal with; mean-tempered; touchy.
2. distinctively tough or powerful; so exceptional as to be intimidating.

From Amy Jo:


1. Jim Vandermeer

2.  That is all.

He's handy. He's randy. He's VANDY!

Tippett thought it was a good idea to healthy scratch Vandy for the Stars game.  It isn’t currently in NHL policy to drug test coaches, but this decision lends itself to making the NHL review that policy.  You healthy scratched Vandy?  Are you freaking kidding me?  Schlemko sucked it up in that game.  Jovo ended up getting hurt again so I’m thinking he could have used a bit more rest.  Vandy?  Whatevs, Tippett.

Guess who scored two goals tonight?  Vandypants.  Guess who was all aggressive on D?  Vandypants.  Guess who is still pissed at you?  Me.

The crazy D scoring for the Coyotes continues.  Fowards?  We don’t need no stinkin’ forwards (I consider Hanzal a Dman anyways 😛 ).  Wait!  Lombo scored tonight so I guess we do need a forward.  Congrats Lombo, you’re it!

The power is all in the helmet

The Ducks went up 1-0 on a power play goal while Sami was in the box for hooking.  Bad Sami, it’s dangerous to hook in California!  The worst part?  The goal was by Getzlaf.  *puke*  We have been pretty undisciplined lately and we have been called for hooking like crazy.  Now granted a couple of those have been imaginary hookings that the refs dreamed up, but we need to get that crap under control.  Our PK is good, but we don’t score enough goals to get away with stupid penalties very often.

The second period was a blackhole for our offense.  We couldn’t get anything going.  At all.  We had like 4 shots all period.  Since there wasn’t really anything to report, I’ll use this time to make everyone happy with:

Gratuitous Czech Picture

The third period.  I was in the kitchen for the first two periods.  I felt like the kitchen was unlucky so I moved up to the hockey room.  I apparently control the Phoenix Coyotes with my positioning in my house because within two minutes of coming up to the hockey room……. VANDY SCORES!!!!!  Tie game.  Woot!  Less than five minutes later, Lombo goes sailing into Duckland and hits the net.  Just cuz he can.  Coyotes up 2-1!!!!!

Seriously, how does Prucha score from down here?

Of course the Coyotes closed out the game and took the 2 points in regulations.  Umm not so much.  With less than two minutes left, freaking Bobby Ryan scores.  Dear Bobby Ryan,  Pick a name.  You can be Bobby.  You can be Ryan.  You cannot be both.  It’s annoying.  Unlovingly, Amy Jo.  PS ~ Quit scoring damn goals.

Die Grandpa Scott Die!

So we go into overtime.  Because apparently we cannot beat the Ducks in regulation.  The last two times we beat the Ducks were in shootouts (Awww Teek!).  At least this time we beat them in overtime and didn’t get to the shootout.  Does that mean we’re inching closer to hosing these douchebags in regulation?  Cripes I hope so!  So yes, Vandy saves the day in overtime.  He may have hit Shane Doan with his shot, I don’t really know.  All I know is that we won.  Praise Jes…. Shane Doan!

He looks shocked and awed.

I don’t have a lot to say about the game, mainly because I didn’t see it.  WTF wasn’t this game on TV in Phx or in Cali?  IT’S  A DIVISION GAME!  We hate each other!  I needed to boo the Douchebag!  Whatevs, it’s an epic fail.

I want to take a second and give props to Uppy.  He drew a penalty late in the game from Teemu.  Teemu was all in his face trying to draw Uppy into taking a penalty so they would offset.  But Uppy kept his composure.  Yes, Upshall.  Yes, Scottie Upshall.  I like it, Uppy.  I like it way much.

Uppy controlling his temper. Picture taken for prosperity.

MVP of the game:  Vandypants!  Healthy scratch my ass!  …… hmm that sounded different in my head

Most improved:  Uppy!  You’re more of a man for not giving in.

Giving luv just cuz I can:  Robert Lang ❤

I am developing serious Old Man love for Lang.

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3 Responses to Healthy scratch THIS Tippett!

  1. boedkerrocks says:

    you gurl are so so GOOD!!!! you crack me up!!! keep it up

  2. Kels says:

    You have such patience for this! Appreciate the Pru pic, of course.

    I think it’s premium though. Vandy gets benched, he comes back to play better. And show the coach why he shouldn’t be. Worked with Uppy too.

    Now Tortorella healthy scratches Lisin – FROM THE BENCH. That’s well…not sure how I feel about that.

    P.S. Because of you, when I see or hear #2 on the Yotes, I don’t think Vandermeer. I automatically think Vandypants! 😉

  3. hipchecks says:

    I had a comment but you kept interrupting me and I forgot it. It was probably about Pru.

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