Put me in coach, I’m ready to play

Korpo.  Earlier today I tweeted that I was sick of Tippett healthy scratching Korpo because he can’t prove himself if he doesn’t get a chance and some significant minutes.  I’m either psychic or Tippett follows my twitter disguised as a porn bot because Korpo got the start tonight.  AND HE BLEW THE STARS OFF THE ICE!!!!!!

Finnish Assassin

First period:  Robert Lang, you are a stud.  A slightly aged stud, but a stud.  You were shooting crazy pucks at the net and nailed one!  You were continually a threat and pushed Baby Dane and Muels.  Baby Dane got an assist!  Yaaaaaaay Boeds!  Maybe we can call this line the Fountain of Youth line if it sticks together?

Lang is Mr. Heart-to-Heart ❤

Second period:  Up-Bo and Korpo blew the roof off!  Lauri scored!  TWICE bitches!  Up-Bo both had assists on both goals and then Adrian is like, hey!  I want a goal damnit!  So he scores, assisted by…… Up-Bo!  When Lauri scored his first goal, they showed him on the bench and Lombo had him in this quasi-headlock like he was going to give him a nuggie.  I love when the boys are happy.  Going into the locker room we are up 4-0.

Can you imagine Uppy opening Christmas presents as a kid? YES!!!!

Third period:  Marty sucks!  Turco that is.  Dallas pulled Turco and put Auld in the net.  Man, we’re in trouble now, Auld is soooo tough to solve….. Z SCORES!  Z, I didn’t really realize how much I missed ya until you were blocking shot and scoring!  So excited that you’re back.  5-o Coyotes!  Then there was some kind of blur where supposedly the Stars scored twice….. whatevs, we OWNED them 5-2.

Everyone missed Z, especially Fiddy?

Sami's excited: I get to play wif Z!

I had a hockey virgin sitting behind me.  He was this dude who said he was a football fan and always wanted to go to a hockey game.  He asked a bunch of questions and was a riot.  He asked why I kept yelling “he’s not a hooker” when our guys would get a penalty for hooking.  I had to laugh when he told his buddy: I bet 5 bucks they don’t know who Ron Cherry is.  I was like, you bet we don’t know who whom is?  He’s like, Ron Cherry.  I said, I don’t know Ron but Don Cherry is the host of Coachs Corner on HNIC and wears crazy suits, hates Ovechkin, and visors.  He’s like oooooooooh.  Yeah, that’s right bitches, I know some stuff.  He was a pretty fun dude.

Who is that crazy man on the ice? ❤ Dat be Z

The game that doesn’t show up on the score sheet:

Shane Doan.  Oh. my. God.  Doan owned the Dallas power play, singlehandedly.  He manhandled three Dallas forwards in his own zone, alone, for at least 30 seconds.  He hustled to pucks.  He stole pucks.  He chased dudes down and stole pucks.  He worked his ass off and set an amazing example.  Shane Doan played Hall of Fame hockey tonight.

My Boedker's back and you're gonna be in trouble. Hey nah, hey nah!

Baby Dane moved well and had some good looks.  Gooooooooooo Mikkel!

Jovo, Fiddy, and Muels got hurt.  We were barely able to roll three lines consistently.

After the 5th goal (Z!!!!), we let Dallas take control way too much.  Bryz was kickass tonight.  More kickass than he should have needed to be.

It’s not even December yet and I’m already dreading the trade deadline.  I am way too attached to ALL our players.  Eek!

When God watches his son, Shane Doan, play, this is his view.

Gratuitous Czech Picture

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  2. zyllyx says:

    Srsly, AJG, you should be blogging at FFH instead of me… 🙂

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