Road trippin’ with the Boyz

Come here lil pucky, Iz protect youz

Bryz doesn't think 'light as a feather, stiff as a board works with sticks' Hay guys?!?!?!

The fan realizes he's seen Fiddy before...... Hey, it's that the guy that robbed my house? FIDDY! Fiddy's a burglar.

The new celebration ...... kisses! Haaay Doan!

Yandle trying to prove white men CAN jump....or no one will body bump him and he's forcing the issue?

Vandy trust falls and no one catches him 😦

Does Lombo ever take a bad picture? Lang says no!

Is this a robbery? Put 'em up Pseudo-Czech! Fiddy, you can't rob Lang!

Pru can do this. But he no score. 😦

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