Coyote Crayola Christmas….. the finale

The final grouping of Coyote Christmas cards:

Doan ~ Awwww Shane! Sometimes C is for Captain, but sometimes C is for Christ. 8 outta 10

Tippett ~ How the hell is Tippet the only one who got markers? 7.5 outta 10. Bring ur A game next time

Bryz ~ Brzy, why is the blue man's eyes where his mouth should be? And it's not the new year yet. I give two out of 5 hotdogs.

Sauer ~ Eek! It's.... sparse. 6 outta 10

Bissonnette ~ Finally some funny/cuteness! I love the glasses on the snow man. 8 outta 10

The Winner is still Vandy.  Hands down.  VANDY!

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