Mission: Coyote Force!

Always send Paul in first. He's fearless and expendable. Then Vandy will kick ass and take names.

Alright the secret is out.  Does Bettman think Phoenix is a viable market?  HELL NO!  Does he need to keep the franchise here to serve as a ‘cover’ for his hockey terrorist training camp?  YES!

All the hockey teams are coming to America.  Seattle is getting Vancouver.  Las Vegas is getting Edmonton.  Kansas City is getting Calgary.  Montreal is going to Nebraska.  Kentucky is taking the Leafs (and bitching about what a crappy team they are getting).  The Senators are becoming a second Chicago team.  It’s Bettman’s master plan.  He started it in the early 90s.  Things became a bit too hot to after taking the Nordiques and Jets away from Canada.  He needed to come up with a new plan.

We are going to start taking the hockey teams by force.  Phoenix was chosen as the training and “reprogramming” site.  They sucked so a lot of players would be shipped in and out of the team.  Watch out Calgary.  You have Prust, Jokenin, and Dawes ready to assist the Coyote Force when they come to spirit you off to Kansas City.

With the reprogramming camp found out, there is no sense in keeping the photographic evidence of their endeavors secret anymore:

Like Adrian isn't scary enough in street clothes? Seriously?

Sami: I can be Norris Trophy winner with the help of this!

I could rock this on a runway. Fashion Week baby!

Sami always wanted to be Riggs from Lethal Weapon, now he can be!

Umm, this actually looks natural. VANDY?!?!?!!

I haz shooted!

Healthy scratch? I'll show Tippett!

Vandy will mow them all down. With bullets or pucks. Whatevs.

Coyote Force

Looks like the boys had a great time.  GO COYOTE FORCE!  Go get those Canadian hockey teams and bring ’em home to America, where they belong.  😛

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