He’s probably saying holy shit it’s Maverick and Goose…..

So I talked to Gary Bettman.  This is the life of the Coyotes fan.  I’ve talked to Bill Daley a couple of times, but never the chief, the head honcho….. the Commish.  He’s a small dude.  For real.

So we had “Chalk Talk” where Sean Burke, our goalie coach, was talking to season ticket holders about the state of the team, all things goalie, and answering questions.  Then Doug Moss, Bill Daley, the head PR dude for the NHL Mr. Brown, and Bettman walk out.  The Commish talks a bit about the summer.  He takes questions.  First guy asks about the Olympics in Russia…. second dude asks about Verses/DirectTV.  Me?  This is what I say:  Our play on the ice has shut the Canadian media up for a while, but when will we really started getting judged for our attendance?  Will it be January?  When do we really need to start worrying?

He says, don’t listen to the Canadian media, you know better (Bettman thinks I know better).  He basically says that someone tried to destroy us this summer and it’s going to take rebuilding of the fanbase.  It was good.  So the presser ends.

Jenna and I are walking towards the arena.  Doug Moss turns to us (Commish and Asst Commish are with him) and I show Doug my sign.  It says:  Lecavalier: 2 goal, 10 mil.  Hanzal:  3 goals, needs a raise.   I say, Doug, Marty needs a raise.  Then I say (to Bettman) hey owner, Marty needs a raise.  They laugh and Doug asks me what jersey I’m wearing tonight.  I told him that I was rockin’ the Boedker.  He said, I thought you’d be wearing the Jovo jersey you won.  I said no, I have standards!  I kid, I kid.  It was awesome.

The game:  Substantially less awesome.

The good:  Jenna got her red Prucha jersey and I got my red Vrbata jersey.  During warmups Vrby read my sign and nodded like, yeah he does need a raise.  Vrby!

The amazing:  SAMI!

This cowboy is the Real McCoy!

Sami has been an amazing Dman!  He carries the puck into the zone like a madman and has great control.  He’s responsible at his own end.  He. is. Sami.  He has been carrying big boy minutes and doing amazing.  I never have to yell at him for making bonehead plays (maybe a few pucks tossed into the stands for delay of game, but dude, that’s part of being a Coyote).  He’s my MVP since Jovo/Z went out.

The crappy:

Mueller Down!  Lecavalier dumped Mueller and he stayed down for a long time.



Mueller Down! Who cares? Just Yandle. Yandle thinks: Oh Peter, first Jovo, now you.



The crappiest of crappy:  Vandy.  What. the. hell. was. that. call. you. stupid. blind. moronic. refs.


When Vandy is mad, even his teammates quake. Look away Pru and Adrian! Stare ahead Heshka. Sami, don't look! DON'T LOOK SAMI!


This game was over after Vandy got a FIVE MINUTE PENALTY.  And when we started LaBarbara.  And when Mueller got hurt.  And when Lombo didn’t play.

At the end of the game, the goalie grabbed Marty’s stick.  And held it.  And wouldn’t let it go.  Marty skated away with the fucking goalie holding his stick.  WTF?  Ref?  Hello?  I hate that goalie.  I hope he gets traded to the Canes cuz that’s what he deserves.




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