Crayola Coyote Christmas Continues……….

Winnik ~ no muscles to push down harder on the crayon? 5 outta 10

Lombardi ~ Lombo! I love your happy snowman and your cute tree. But its snowing while it's sunny? Wow! 8.8 outta 10

Upshall~ Uppy! Your lil dude on skates cracks me up! Rainbow on top? Actually a really cute tree. Your candy cane is upside-down... is it a hockey stick? 8.5 outta 10

Burke ~ Look at you Mr Fancy artist Burkey! I love the Coyote! 8.5 outta 10!

Vandermeer ~ Vandy, you take the cake. The snowman is cute. The stars are cute. But you won when you made paw prints on your Xmas card. It's awesome because it's cute and you're such a badass on the ice. Who'da thunk it? ❤ 10.1 outta 10! THE WINNER!

Back of the cards were like this. This is my winner......... VANDY!

Uppy's fancy signature

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