Here a Czech, there a Czech, everywhere a Czech Czech




yands crap

Yandle down!


Dallas.  Ugh.  The game started out exactly how this pictures looks.  Crap!  The first period felt really disjointed.  It was NOT our best hockey.  However, no score at the end of one.



old man bromance

It's guy love!

Then in the second period, Pseudo-Czech put on in the net.  Again!  I had buffalo chicken trying to get the scoring going (last time I did that, Marty got a goal while I was eating).  This time it was Robert Lang.  Doug Moss, to keep up this, I will need a chicken budget.

Lang is really growing on me.  He’s always such a happy dude and he’s really talented.  Don Maloney, where do you find such wonderful dudes?

Then the Stars tied it up.  Someone sprung Mike Modano from the nursing home and rolled him out to get a goal.  Damnit!

This is a pivotal moment in the game.  It felt like were had lost the momentum and that we could slide back into being the old Coyotes.  We’ve had a tough start to the month and we can ill afford to start to have difficulty closing out games.  We just FOUND ways to lose last year.

Then. it. happened.  It was late in the period.  24ish seconds left until we would limp into the locker room tied and tired.


First NHL goal.  A-mazing.  He’s so great.  He’s playing so well since he came up from San Antonio.  Jenna and I yelled sooooooooo loud!



schlems first goal

The Real Schlem Shady

Then who scores?  RADIM!!!!!!!  It was a sweet setup with Yandle and Hanzal getting the asssists.  Wait a second, Yandle?  Keith, what were you doing so far in the offensive zone?  Be careful damnit!

Of course Dallas scored another goal to make it interesting/stressful.

Of course Bissonnette fought some guy and pretty much wailed on him.


marco polo

Paul finds new ways to amuse himself during fights

The game ended with Hanzal in the box for some bogus penalty (he never does stuff wrong, I swear!).  With a minute and like 40 seconds to go, the entire crowd stood up and stayed standing up for the rest of the game.  When the clock ran out, they cheered like crazy.  Dallas had pulled the goalie so they have a two  man advantage the whole time.  It was great.  Good job Coyotes, good job fans.



yan misses

Coyotes win, but Yandle misses Jovo

Crappiness of the game:

Warmups:  These idiot people had seats on the glass and were there for warmups.  That’s cool, you paid for them.  But DO NOT BANG ON THE GLASS FOR THE ENTIRE TIME DURING WARMUPS.  Seriously?  You think banging on the glass is going to make them look?  No, it’s annoying them and it’s annoying me.  Knock it off.

Scratch:  Pruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!  Pru didn’t play tonight.  Doug Moss said he was a big banged up.  Get better soon lil buddy.


Awesomeness of the day:

Season ticket holder rookie camp:  It was an event where you learn about all your benefits as a season ticket holder.  I got to ask Don Maloney if Sami was hurt.  Sami has a broken finger I guess, but they were just going to freeze it and he was going to play.  Sami’s tough! I said.  Don  was like, Sami IS tough.  So I asked him when we were  going to start worrying about resigning Z so we can keep all our Czechs.  He said that he talked to Z during preseason and they were a little bit apart, and they are going to revisit it in January.

There was a raffle at rookie camp.  For a signed Jovo jersey.  I won.  I stood up and Doug Moss (President of the Coyotes) says, Oh, Marty is going to be jealous!  I said, I know! I’m so dissapointed!   Doug laughed.  My hockey life is strange.

For charity, the Coyotes players drew Xmas cards (with crayons) and Coyotes Charities printed them up.  You can buy them.  I’ll take pics and put them on the blog tomorrow.  But just a heads up:

Best artist:  Prucha

Strangest:  LaBarbara

Original:  Lepisto

It cracks me up how many players incorporated their hockey number into their Xmas card.


MVP of the game:  Schlemko ~ a goal and stepping up to play big boy hockey ~ nicely done Schlemy







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2 Responses to Here a Czech, there a Czech, everywhere a Czech Czech

  1. hipchecks says:

    “That’s cool, you paid for them.”

    Um, no they didn’t. They WON them during rookie camp.

  2. Kels says:

    That rookie camp sounds like fun. and LOL that the President knows your rooting interests too! =)

    I’m glad they won, obviously. I would have had an easier time watching if I knew Prucha was injured before the game. Anytime he does not play, thoughts of Petr Healthy Scratch Prucha go through my mind. So as much as this sounds screwed up – I’m glad it was an injury and not for some other reason. That said he better get back soooooooon!

    Please post the cards if you get a chance. I love that he’s a talented artist. Too bad I can’t make them my Christmas cards! lol

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