Crayola Coyote Christmas

The boys drew Christmas cards with some crayons for Coyotes Charities to print up and sell to raise funds.  There were three packs to choose from.  The third pack was still at the printers so there are five more cards (Lombo, Uppy, Burke and 2 others) to come on Monday.    It was very interesting to see what they did, since the guys drew these all by themselves.  Observations:  They must have had some examples cuz there are a lotta similar snowmen and snowflakes (Czechs I’m lookin at you).



Nash ~ Is that giant sun close enough to melt the gumdrops on the house? 5 outta 10


Pyatt ~ Tay! Well drawn, but too much area left white. 8 out of 10


Prucha ~ Pruuuuuuu! Best drawn card so far. Amazing snowflakes. Nice Happy Holidays Mr. I Don't Speak English 😛 10 outta 10.


Hanzal ~ Oh Martin. The broom pierces the snowman's hand! Presents under the tree! Candles on the tree? Awesome! What's up with the top hat tho? Kinda looks like he's wearing a pot on his head. 9 ouuta 10 (I'm biased, shut up no one asked you)



Yandle ~ Cute snow, but it's snowing on your 3. Only one so far to use a candy cane. Hockey stick & puck.. is that ur Xmas list? 7 outta 10


Lepisto ~ Sami! Who knew that in Finland Santa is evil and scary as hell? Reindeer! Finnish! Way more original than the others. 9 outta 10


Vrbata ~ VRBY! You know I'm a sucker for Czech! Cute snowflakes (did Pru help you?). Needs more filler. 7 outta 10


Mueller ~ I love the happy sun with shades on. Your future is THAT bright son! Lots of color, cute tree, big carrot snowman. 8 outta 10


Korpikoski ~ That's a nice, big tree Lauri! Ornaments are kind of sparse. Love the Finnish though! 7 out of 10


LaBarbara ~ WTF is up with the monster? Seriously? Cute palm tree though. I'll give it a 5 out of 10.




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4 Responses to Crayola Coyote Christmas

  1. Josh says:

    This is possibly the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. LaBarbara’s is my favorite, by far. For “WTF?!” factor alone.

    I wish the Devils did stuff like this.

  2. Kels says:

    Awe! You rock for posting!

    Prucha snowflakes look awesome. Who knew he had an artistic side. (Think I may be biased, – sigh!)

    I kinda like Mueller’s with the sun, lol.

    Thanks again!

  3. David Cosand says:

    This is the kind of insider’s all access that we can’t get anywhere else!

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