Practice makes perfect….. comedy

It was a good day to visit Coyotes practice.  It was very keystone cops.    Here’s a quick highlight word reel:

1)  Jenna and I both gasped at the same time because we saw………. KURT!  On. the. ice. !!!

2)  Paul is known as our fighter, everyone knows that.  However, it is a little known fact that the Czech Monster could take him in a fight.  They were playfully scuffling over the puck.  A lil bit of shoving and creative positioning.  Advantage:  Hanzal

3)  Uppy and Prucha played rock/paper/scissors to see who was taking the next shift.  Pruuuuuuuuuuuuuu won!

4)  Lombo and Uppy continue with the helmet’s tilted up.  Then Lombo flicks his head to make it fly down.  The boy is gonna get whiplash!  Someone needs to do an intervention with him!

5)  There was an “old man conference” after practice.  The coaches were at center ice.  Adrian and Doan skate up, lean on their sticks and start talking to them.  Then Pseudo-Czech (Lang) noticed that he was being left out and he went to hang with the geezers.  They left the after-practice shootaround for the buckaroos.

6)  There was…… SHOOTOUT PRACTICE!  It was awesome!  The results were surprising.  Some of the usual suspects made the first round.  Vrby, Fiddy, Lombardi.  But surprisingly, most of the guys that made it were Dmen.  Yandle, Schlemko, Heshka (?).  I can’t remember everyone.  The second round cleared everyone out but Vrby and Yandle (!).  Vrby won in the end, but damnit, you go YANDLE!  Who woulda thought?    The second highlight of the shootout was when Lombo was celebrating by pulling out imaginary six-shooters and blowing them off after using them and crashed into the boards and went down.  Lombo down!

7)  Prucha spent a good six-seven minutes dancing in front of the net, practicing redirection and tip-ins.  He is amazingly good.  It was pretty ridiculous.  The boy will start scoring like mad soon, I’m calling it now!

8)  Sami Lepisto.  Just in general.  The boy is a freaking crackup.  He scored on Lang.  He proceeds to dance… moonwalking while doing a circular motion with his arms.  Any time you look away, he’d be up to something.  He leapt over the board into the bench.  Him and Lang had a back and forth all practice.  It was hilarious.  He biffed it and almost fell on the ice.  He’s so entertaining.


What we learned:

~ The Czech line seems to be permanently dissolved.  Pru is with Up-bo.  Marty is with Doan/Py.  Radim is with…. other people.

~ Yandle may actually be a viable shootout option in the future.  If we get desperate.

~ Pru is going to go on a scoring tear.

~ We need a Sami-cam and Lombo-cam available to watch online when we can’t go to practice.  They are the most entertaining.


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