Essence of Lombo

Dear Calgary:

You take this guy who may be kind of good but he’s a douchebag:








We will take one of your cast offs, a draft pick, and this guy:

lil lombo





Don Maloney, oh wizard of wizards, you outdid yourself.  Olli wasn’t working out.  At all.  So at the dealine, you go out and steal…. STEAL….. Lombo from Calgary.  Yes, we had to take Prust too, but Lombo had another year left on his contract and we dumped Prust back to Calgary.

Let’s talk about Lombo.

baby lombo 2

Baby Lombo 99-00 Season

baby lombo

Baby Lombo 98-99 Season

Lombo isn’t a huge guy at 5’11 and he always seems shorter because he is bent over, hauling ass down the ice.

In 1997, he played about 40 games for Gatineau Intrepide-QAAA, before going to the Victoriaville Tigres in 98-99 and playing for them until 2003 when he came up to play for the Flames.

The Victoriaville Tigres loved Lombo so much that they retired his number in 2007.  Superstar!

Most memorable hockey moment came in the ’04 Playoffs against VAN where he scored the GW goal
His favorite jersey number to wear growing up was #66…
Favorite T.V. show is Seinfeld…
Favorite movie is The Usual Suspects…
Favorite band is The Smashing Pumpkins…
The professional athlete that he would most like to meet is Tiger Woods…Enjoys spending time with his family in the off-season…
Works with numerous charities including the Garth Brooks Teammates for Kids Foundation…
Has a Great Dane, “Kenya”

So now we know a bit about Lombo.  He is quick, graceful and smooth.  He darts around the ice, but never out of control (Uppy).  His speed let’s him easily separate from defenders for break aways.

What does that look like?  It looks like these:

lombo ess

Like he's all alone on the ice

Can't catch me



















He seems to fit into our team well.  From what I’ve seen of him, his personality reminds me of a more introverted Shane Doan.  Yes, I laid that compliment on him.  Yes,  I know Shane Doan is Jesus.

Lombo does occasionally have awkward bro-mance moments with Uppy.  We just remind ourselves that Lombo is married to a chick and move on.  Nothing to see there.

Lombo also likes to model hats in his spare time:

cold lombo

Lombo rocks the beanie


Lombo rocks the black hat

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  1. three thumbs up. it’d be four but my dog is biting my other hand so i can’t reach his other thumb!

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