Blackhawks? Who dey?

Supposedly some team totally handed us our asses last year.  I think they were from Chicago.  That team must have gone through bankruptcy and got sold to Canada because this team from Chicago we played last night was not them.  Blackhawks…. who dey?

First period.  I was kind of stressed out.  I did not enjoy the Blackhawks games last year and there were quite a few Chicago fans in the stands.  After my crappy road trip experience, I was exhausted and had the potential for crabbiness.  I know you’re shocked.

Who came to the rescue?

The Czech monster.  Marty, did you read my blog?

tay ouchie

Czech Monster

The Czech monster scored the first goal of the game and then proceeded to set up Mueller’s goal.  Peter!  You were so excited!  I was so excited for you!  I honestly don’t remember a lot of the the game last night because I was so tired, but I was very excited for Pete.

Uppy, what is up with you?  You were out “week to week”, but that just meant for the Avs game?  Huh?  Anyways, I’m glad you are back.  You scored!  I think.  I was pretty sleepy.

Schlemko and Sami stand out in my mind.  SCHLEM!!!!!!!!  You kicked ass and didn’t care enough to take names in your first game up!  You did great and got a point!  ❤ you!  Sami, you are solid as always and I still wonder where you have been all my hockey life.

Bryz.  You didn’t get chili dogs for a shutout, but that was partially Pete and Re-Pete’s faults.  I’m sure they are really sorry.  You were pretty great though.  You make my heart stop.  Sometimes in an amazing way like I won the lottery and sometimes in a scary way, like I almost got in a car crash.

Ok what was the deal last night at warmups?  The boys were odd.  My favorite moment was when Jenna was like, Lombo is making eyes at me.  I looked at Lombo and he looked back and I said LOMBO!!!!!!!  And he gets this big smile and raises his eyebrows super high and just like stays like that.  It was hilarious.  Lombo, didn’t you mother ever tell you that if you made that face that it would freeze that way?

Pru, Taylor, and LaBarbara were were unusually acknowledging.  Weirdness.

Have I mentioned today that Shane Doan is an amazingly awesome guy?  Pru went and flipped a puck towards this Dad holding this little girl.  Some other kid got it so Shane came over and gave him one.

dooooan avs

My Own Personal Jesus

Alright this blog is pretty disjointed because we kicked butt and I didn’t pay super close attention.  I didn’t DVR the dang thing so I’m out of luck.  Oops.

Marty was the first star of the game.  Finally!  Excited!  Way to go Czech Monster.  He high-fived Howler on the way back to the dressing room.  One of the highlights of the night.

On the bad news front, Grandpa Jovo got hurt and we don’t know how badly.  We called up Heshka.  Shaun, I hope you play as well as Sami.

Fiddy moment of the game:  Fiddy had the A.  Basically because he’s A-mazing.  Fidddddddy!

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