Great Expectations……

Sometimes you get a little too excited for things.  Sometimes those things let you down.  I was ultra excited about my first “Away” game.  I went to college about an hour from Denver and I have family there so it was almost like going home.  And they say you can never go home again.  Holy crap were they right.

Everything started off so promising.  I got to see my college roommate.  The weather was brisk, but comfortable.  Warmups!  I was able to go to “my spot”….. but in the Pepsi Center!  So the guys came out and on the first skate by, Marty was like WTF!  I was like Heeeeeeey!  The typical process ensued and it was good!  He came over and tossed me a puck but he like whipped it into the fourth row.  I was like WTF was that?  He laughed and got another puck and tossed it to me in a more gentle way so I actually was able to catch it.  Yay!  The 11th puck he’s given me ended up on the my “Away” game.  It rocked.



Then it pretty much fell to shit.   Marty got a high stick to the face on his first shift.  It ripped his lip open and there was no call.  Now, if I was at home, I would have been cussing and such.  I can’t get my ass kicked in Denver so I have to sit there with the boy bleeding literally two feet in front of me (I sat glass behind the bench).  It sucked.  Then the stupid Avs scored like right away.  Booo!  Then our first period sucked.  All of this I can deal with because such is the nature of hockey.

ouchie tay

And the blood floweth

Then the non-regular hockey crap started.  The guys next to me started to get trashed and since I wore my Hanzal jersey, they started harassing him through the glass.  I was miffed.  They started harassing me.  They started harassing Dave King.  Seriously?  Dave King?  I knew they were fucking idiots when they started saying it was a high school game because there was no fighting.  They said losing Gretzky was the worst thing to happen to us because he was such a good influence on the players.   I literally just stopped acknowledging them because they talked to me the entire game through, non-stop.  It ruined the game.  It’s hard enough to pay attention to the game when you sit behind the bench, let alone with the jackasses next to you.

Anyone up for a mercy killing?

Things I learned:

1)  I’m actually really proud to sport my Coyotes jersey in enemy territory.  I love my team.

2) We aren’t the only team with attendance issues.  It was empty and quiet in the Pepsi Center.  So much so that Lombo could hear me yell for him.  LOMBO!

3) It’s kinda strange when you are the only one watching warmups at an entire end.  You feel very popular all of a sudden.  Hi Keith!  Hey Sami!  Z!  Pru never looks but he was closer to looking, I could tell.

4) What is better than having people around all the time?  Having people visit.  BABY DANE!!!!!  I was excited to see him.  He’s grown since the last time I saw him, I swear it to be true.

5)  Drama is not for me.  I think that hockey is meant to be fun and entertaining.  You support your team as much as you can.  That’s it.  Don’t make it more than that.

So will I go on another hockey trip?  Not for a while.  It ended up being more stress than fun.  Too much drama.

The actual game:  I don’t want to talk about it.

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One Response to Great Expectations……

  1. TheYotesDiva says:

    Oh no! I’m sorry that your trip did not meet or exceed your expectations… but I’m certain our boys were happy that you made the effort. And yah… I’m smugly amused by the attendance thing… 😀

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