Psychic Abilities and the Czech Monster?

I may have psychic abilities.  I told Jenna “Marty is gonna score tonight”.  Then he did.  She asked who was going to score next.  I said, “I’m kinda feeling Uppy.”  Then Uppy scored.  The I was off when I thought Vandy might toss one in.  2 outta 3 ain’t bag though!


Uppy gets luv

tay goal

New line, new offense?

Alright, I’ve decided that Martin Hanzal is one confusing dude.  He is a great defensive forward.  I get that.  I’ve seen him frustrate and shut down Thornton, Heatley, Malkin, Getzlaf….. the list goes on.

But then, sometimes, there is this other Martin Hanzal.  The second Martin Hanzal is a giant 6’6 Czech scoring machine.  He’s like Bigfoot.  There are just glimpses that people catch before the monster retreats back into the unknown.  For a good five minute chunk of last night’s game vs the Kings, the Czech offensive monster appeareth.  He scored a goal (excited!) and was weaving in and out of defenders with the puck.  He crashed the net, he camped out in front of the net, and he was unstoppable!

It reminded me of our longest visit from the Czech monster, last December when he scored a hat trick.

Can Marty not be both the stalwart defender and the Czech monster at the same time?  Can he only be one or the other?

He was the #2 star last night.   Finally.

And as I get ready to board this plane to leave for my first “Away” hockey game, I leave you with the most confusing picture from last night.  Are Adrian and Uppy allergic to each other?  Are they going to sneeze?  WTH?

wtf uppy n adrian

Adrian, what is up with your leg??

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