Everybody was kung-fu fighting…….

worst nightmareI’ve had a lot of nightmares in my life.  I’ve not been able to go back to sleep for fear of going back to the nightmare.   Monsters, mortal peril, and other ghastly things have attacked during sleep.  It is rare that I think I’m having a nightmare during the day.  It happened last night.

Shane Doan is an amazing captain and an even more amazing person.  He is like Jesus only more gooder.  And then last night……. Doan Down!

The hit was horrible.  The length of time the refs let him lay on the ice while play continued was a freaking travesty.  Shane tried to get back up and fell down again.  It felt something like your favorite uncle getting hit by a car and you having to watch it and the aftermath without being able to intervene or help.

Thankfully, the Boston cousin came to our uncle’s defense.  Yandle doesn’t fight, but he was not going to stand for his Captain being taken down in a bad hit.  I didn’t really see Yandle going after the guy, I was still watching Doan.   The hit was the turning point in the game.  Up until that point we had played a pretty clean game.  After that, it was Duck Season baby, and everyone wanted to bring the hurt.

Who would stand up and beat on some people?  lineupAll these guys.  Look at Uppy growling at the Ducks.  Z is picking his Duck out and smirking.  Bissonette says, I got this yo.  Jovo is taking them all down.  Taylor spots a Duck up in the rafters.  And Lombo?  He’s staring down Grandpa Niedermeyer.

At the end of the first period, there was a bit of a throw down.  Eminger was talking crap to ….. someone.   All hell broke somewhat-loose.  Jovo was shoving with Eminger.  Marty had the douchebag that hit Doan and was shoving/facewashing him.  Lots of people were getting in each others faces.  At this point I grabbed Jenna’s shoulder, started jumping up and down and yelling MARTY!  Heather grabs Jenna’s other shoulder and is jumping up and down yelling Jovo!

Doan took on the douchebag within the first minute of the period.  Doan doesn’t really fight often at all, but this needed to be done.  Doan lost his helmet but threw the dude to the ice and hit him while he was down.  Doan went in the box and so did the douchebag.  The best part?  The douche took off his jersey, took off his pads, and had to put a big bag of ice on his shoulder.  That’s what you get.  You mess with our bull and your get his horns baby!

The second period was when the secret got out.  All the Coyotes found out that there are juiceboxes in the fridge in the penalty box. Doan went in the box and Prucha went in to come out while Doan finished serving his fighting major.  Yandle was already in the box finishing out his fighting major.  Then Vandy gets called for roughing so there were a grand total of four Coyotes in the box.  That’s a lot of juicebox drinking.  Then poor Z flipped a puck out and got called with a delay of game.  I swear this only happens to poor Z.  So there were four Coyotes in the box…… again.  What does this mean for the guys on the ice?  2 minutes of 5 on 3 hockey.  Eek!

Fiddy, Sami, and Adrian were amazing.  They worked their asses off and Bryz was really solid behind them.  The crowd was really behind them and those three stayed out for the whole thing (minus Marty replacing Fiddy with 30 seconds to go).  Did the Ducks score?  Yes, with 4 seconds left.  Did it really matter?  Nope.  I was super impressed.

excited ed It was a brutal game.  Lots of hitting.  Even Prucha shoved a guy back to the boards to protect Bryz.  Is this the pack mentality coming into play again?  You mess with one of us and you get all of us.  And Jovo will be pissed!  Jovo was rough on the Ducks all night.  Grandpa Niedermeyer and him were shoving and jawing all night.  Jovo, you’re going to make me love you by the end of the year, I can just tell.

The Ducks scored in the third.  It sucked.  But 30 seconds later, FIDDY!  How did we land this guy?  He’s amazing!  The game was tied 2-2.  I never felt like the game was out of our control.  It’s a new feeling.  It’s a  nice feeling.  The rest of the game played out with no more scoring and in OT we were in a stalemate.

Shoot outs are tough on my heart, I swear.  First up for us?  VRBY!  Vrbata, I am so glad you’re back!  GOAL!

First up for the Ducks….. Perry?  I think?.  Please, Bryz had you as soon as you stepped on the ice…… STOP!

Captain Coyote was up next for the Yotes…… he beat Hiller!  But, the post got him.  Damn you post!  No goal.

Getzlaff.  Stop.

Our new shootout expert….. Lauri!!!!  He beat Hiller!  But, the other post got him.  Apparently, the posts love Hiller.  No goal.

Teemu was the last chance for the Ducks.  Not a chance at all it turns out.  NO GOAL!

Now you may have noticed that I never mentioned the name of the Duck that hit Doan in this post.  This is completely intentional.  The boy is not worth the time it would take to type his name.  You are nothing.  You will never be a quarter of the man that Shane is.  I will boo you every time you touch the puck.  The end.


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