Loyalty vs Competitive Spirit

I am very competitive. I am extremely competitive. I am loyal. I am extremely loyal. Sometimes it’s very hard to be loyal and competitive at the same time. I love the Coyotes. I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE the Sharks and Ducks. I cannot stomach the Kings. This becomes a big problem with fantasy hockey.

I have Anze Kopitar on both of my fantasy teams and Joe Thornton on one of them. And Pronger. Ugh, the self loathe is almost more than I can bear. They were all steals at in the draft rounds in which I took them. My competitive spirit MADE me get the best players available. I tried to balance it out and my loyalty did play a draft role (I took Marty Hanzal on both of my teams with my last pick). Still, the competitiveness makes me root for these people I disdain for my own benefit. Sick right?

I guess there are limits. After all, I would never draft Getzlaff. Not even the prospect of drafting him and benching him all season was enough to make me take him. I guess there are limits, mainly because I have a soul.

Kick ass and take names Coyotes!

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