Crabby about hockey on TV!

Hockey on TV

No, I don’t have DirecTV and am missing Verses. I have Cox Cable and the damn thing keeps going out. This is the second day in a row. If I lose cable during a hockey game, I may lose my shit so there is a cable dude coming out tomorrow. For my safety and the safety of anyone within five miles of me.

Season Opener for the Coyotes

I’ll admit that I was a tad nervous about the first game of the year. Our team has been raked over the coals so badly and our meager carcass has been left to bake under the Canadian microscope. I feel badly for the fans because they do love the team. I feel bad for the players because not only has it been said over and over that we have sucked for a long time, they are picked by almost everyone to finish dead last in the West (except for Two Line Pass, luv ya!). It’s been bad and the last thing we needed was to have salt rubbed in the wound if we lost the first game.

Triumph feels pretty damn good sometimes, and Saturday was one of those days. Vrbata was happy to be a Coyote again as his Czechs set him up nicely for two goals. Prucha, Vrby, and Marty have been all smiles since camp started (which will help us resign Marty I hope). Uppy was crashing the net like I have never seen a Coyote do. He was fearlessly flying towards the net. Something was definitely going to go in the net, and sometimes that something was Uppy.

But I’m excited! Uppy, you are going to make me like you this year, I can tell! Lombo had a great game and he was flying high too. 11 of the 18 Coyote skaters had a point. Hell, even Winnik scored. Winnik? Yes, Winnik. You better keep it up Winnie the Pooh or I’ll be calling for Joel Perrault to take your job (who is kicking butt with the Rampage already).

Yes, it was just the Kings we beat and we have way bigger fishies to fry this year, but every journey starts with a single step and our first step was kicking the Kings’ ass. It went a long way to healing us.

Saturday, October 10th, 2009. The Coyotes are having a WhiteOut to celebrate staying in AZ. Yours truly may be rocking some very special hair. Come check it out. I’ll be in Sec 111, row C by the visitors penalty box. SO EXCITED!

LET’S GO COYOTES!!!!!!!!!!!

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