Z Alert!

So today I took some comp time off work to go to the informal camp at Alltel. So I pull up and park and this guy pulls in next to me in a Mercedes. I didn’t really look at him and I got out of my car. When he got out, I was like OMG Z! Ok, I didn’t say that. I said Z! How was your summer? He was super nice. Like an idiot, when I was texting Heather, my hands were literally shaking. I’m not that impressed with most hockey players, but it was Z! Super cool time.

The camp was good. Peter, Jonas, Yandle, Jovo, Bryz, Aucoin, Turris, Spina, Nick Ross, Z (!), Reino, Fridge, and a few others were there. Honestly, it was just so nice to hear the swish of the blades again. Turris may be coming back into my good graces after a cute incident that shall not be spoken of.
It was a good day. It was a good day, indeed.
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