Hockey Vs. Baseball

So I’m headed out to a Diamondbacks game today and I’m not super excited. The team is horrible and is better at throwing games and leads away than the Yotes are!

5 reasons hockey is better than baseball:
1. The fans. I’ve NEVER gotten crap from a hockey fan for yelling for the players. And this is shocking cuz I yell all the time at hockey. The Dbacks game I went to in May? I yelled THREE times for Chipper Jones and the lady next to me says, can you warn me so I can plug my ears? Ummm baseball sucks.
2. Speed. I may actually catch a catnap at the game today. It takes for-ev-er for an at-bat, especially if the fool keeps fouling off the ball. Hockey = constant motion. There is more consistent action during an intermission of Coyotes hockey than there is in a Dbacks game.
3. Who the players are. Shane Doan would never turn down a kid getting an autograph. Mark Reynolds had to because they *charge* for autographs. NHL players are real people. They are never short with their fans. Get over yourselves baseball players, must be nice to spend half of your game sitting on your butts in the dugout while hockey players get to sit down for like 2 minutes at a time.
4. Expressions of anger. The pitcher throws a ball at another player on purpose. What a pansy thing to do. In hockey if you are mad at that man, you punch him like a real man.
5. Playoff beards. Nothing like some good lookin men growing some playoff beards so their women are too scared or disgusted to try the hook-up because the boys don’t wanna mess with their mojo during the playoffs.
I’m off to get ready for the game. I can’t wait for hockey season. The end.
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