Showdown: Aug 5th

So one bid is in to keep the Coyotes in Phoenix and one “letter of intent”. We all know how Baum feels about anything short of a real bid, but maybe the other group will get their crap together before Aug 5th, which is the auction. I’m slightly worried about this other group, who shall be referred to as the “Non-Jerrys”.

The Non-Jerrys said that they have ideas that are “out of the box”. That could be amazing or it could be that the idiots want to play half the home games somewhere else, such as Hamilton. How could that possibly be good for the boys? Like they don’t have enough travel during the year, now they want them to have to either have a home in Hamilton or stay in hotels…again? Seriously? Stupid. Also, they indicated that they definitely want to keep Gretz around. I’m not against keeping him around, but can he just be someone that we trot out for special occasions? Can he be banned from the bench area?
I have much more hope if Jerry Reinsdorf is the new owner. He’s a proven winner and knows that it takes. *Crosses my fingers*
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