Peter Mueller. Version 7.21

So I’ve always had a pretty bad attitude about Scottsdale. Seems like a pretty snobby place. Greg asked me if I wanted to go to a concert at a bar and since I had nothing else going on, I figured what the hell? So we show our IDs, walk in, and immediately, I noticed this guy standing at the bar. He had jeans and a dark gray t-shirt on, and had his hat pulled down pretty low. I walked past him and did a semi-double take. Then I said to Greg, I think I recognize that guy. I walked back towards him and was 85% sure I knew who it was. So I touched his shoulder and said, “Are you Peter?”. He looks at me and is like “yeah, why?”. I just smiled at him and was like, “I thought it was you, I’m a big Coyotes fan.” He asked me what my name was and asked me if I was there for the show and he said he was a huge fan of the band. I asked him about his tattoos and he gave me a tour of all of his arm tattoos (super cool) and introduced me to his tattoo guy who was actually there with him (who gave me cards so lemme know if you want a tattoo by Peter’s dude). I told him I was born in and went to grad school in MN and he’s like oh you’re a dragon! Greg came over and I introduced Greg to Peter. Greg asked Peter what other kinds of music he was into and Peter mentioned Skillet (who I love). I asked Peter if he was excited about Vrbata coming back and he said oh yeah, he’s a great player. I said Marty will be excited and Pete said, yeah they’re like best friends. So the music was gonna start so he said he hoped we enjoyed the show and Greg & I went into the stage area.

So Peter ended up being shuffled back in the crowd and stood a couple people away from me. The people between us left and I asked him if I could buy him a drink. He said he was still recovering from his buddy being in town this weekend so he was sticking to non-alcohol tonight. I asked him if he got recognized often and he said he rarely does but doesn’t really mind when he does. I said he’d probably feel different if it happened all the time and he agreed that it’d suck to be in a Canadian city. I said, damn you almost ended up in one and I woulda been pissed if they left.

So when I was walking out to use my phone outside, Peter kinda stopped me and said, hey, did you like the band. And I told him yeah, they were pretty great. Then when I was outside on my phone I saw him get in his car to leave. When he drove by I turned around and he waved so I waved back at him.

Umm, he’s super nice.

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