Yotes July Update

The Schedule came out and we are playing Phoenix. Yay! With 18 home Saturday night games, it looks like the NHL scheduler gave us a little love. We also have an epic 6 game home-stand in January. We start on the road and end on the road, but I’m just glad we have a team at this point!

Prospect Camp:
Staal, other than endurance-wise, looked good. He’s bigger and had some nice shots. Larssen had impressive movement with the puck and a great shot for a D-man. On a couple seperate occasions he put two or three in a row past the goalie. Brown: He’s rough away from the puck and I’m not talking about his skills. He uses his body physically and has a Doan-esque feel. Darling is a monster in the net, a big skinny monster! Ahnelov: I hope to see you up with the big boys all year.
There seems to be a direct line from the Rangers to us and from us to the Flames. We’ve picked up Lauri Korpikoski for Enver Lisin. It was a sad day indeed when our little Russian blur left us. He seemed to be a flight risk for Russia and Korpikoski seems to have a big potential upside, but we need more than potential in order to keep our team.
Prust, McGratten, and Dawes to the Flames. Ummmm ok bye. None of these are huge losses, however we are currently without an ‘enforcer’ to protect our smaller Pups. Please don’t rely on Winnik to do it (who is pushing to arbitration by the way).
We picked up Aucoin, which makes me excited that we could be trading Jovo because they have similar styles, except Aucoin actually plays defense. Fiddler came in for faceoffs and PK. All in all, it was a sad free agency day for us because we only picked up these two and LA-Barbie (Mo’s nickname for LaBarbara).
We resigned Yandle for two years. We resigned Prucha for two years (thanks for signing early, now I love you more for not making me worry!). Upshall, why are you lagging behind? No one will give you the ice time we will!
I was sad that Lindstrom didn’t get an offer from us but glad he signed up in Russia. Bye Joakim.
Everyone is still pretty focused on the bankruptcy case. It’s a legal education I didn’t ask for or want, but alas, life is full of unexpected surprises.
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