The definition of tumult is: highly distressing agitation of the mind or feeling; turbulent mental or emotional disturbance. My last blog said that the Coyotes would be leaving over my dead body. Well, three days after I posted, Moyes took the Yotes into bankruptcy in order to refill is own personal coffers. The offer maker? The Blackberry man.

It is hard to describe what happened. In those first few days, it was bleak. It seemed like there was so little anyone could do to stop this madness. How were a handful of individuals going to do anything against 212 million? Sadness. That man was going to take my team away from me.
Then, the rebel forces began to connect. Via Facebook no less! We had an impromptu rally. I met my two neighbors who are kickass! The Save the Coyotes Coalition was formed. I met more fans. Still it would be tough for us to make a dent in 212 million.
Enter one PISSED off NHL front office. Gary Bettemen, Bill Daly, Frank Brown, and their people stood up and said: Excuse me? You’re taking the team where? So we had NHL support.
What about the players? When I went home in June, I had a dream that Shane Doan was at my Dad’s farm and I was walking with him. I was asking him, do you want to stay? The players were quiet for so long. It was disconcerting. We love them. Do they love us enough to want to stay? Shane made some really strong statements in favor of staying. Peter wants to stay. The other boys are starting to talk about it. So we had most of the players.
Fans, NHL bigwigs, and players want to be in Phoenix. It is looking good. I bought season tickets in order to be committed to the team. Where there is a will, there is a way.
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