Playoffs = Exciting. Yotes Leaving = Over My Dead Body

First things first, because they playoffs are currently real, I will start there.


I’m pretty psyched that the Caps won their series. I guess I just needed to prioritize hockey in my life for them to feel like they can win! The Caps and Pens is basically a hugely dream series because Cindy Crysby and Ovie are supposedly the best two players in the game. I don’t know how that can be when Cindy isn’t even the best player on his team (Hi Evgeni, congrats on that Art Ross!!!) Ovie was important in the Rangers series because he worked his butt off, but he didn’t offensively take over any games.

Prediction: Caps in 7…. ?

Van / Chi:

I don’t love either of these teams. My secret, ok not so secret, hope is that they will beat each other into a pulp that will be cleaned up by someone in the next round.

Prediction: Body Parts from Vancouver in 6


Ugh. I hate the western conference other than my team. I am liking Jonas Hiller now because he’s a young dude that has faced some pretty good offense and has withstood it. However, I can’t root for the Ducks because then I’d have to committ suicide.

Prediction: The rich kids in 6


Eric Staal. I’m sorry. You were man enough to beat New Jersey pretty much with just your line, but there is this big ass Slovakian dude on their team and I think he wants to eat you like some ribs babe.

Prediction: The man eaters in 6

Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo OVIE!

Ok, now for the Coyotes. So it’s starting to look like they may be moved after next season if we don’t get our heads out of our asses and buy some tickets people. I’m guilty of using stubhub to get tickets instead of buying seats that aren’t already paid for. I’m super guilty! But we have to stop! We need to go and spend some cash (this from the girl who lost her job this year!). The fans need to do their part. Bring your friends to hockey. They’ll get hooked because seriously, it’s the fastest, most exciting sport to watch live! Go Fans!

Players, I need you to do your part. I need some of you (umm #88) to haul ass EVERY game. Play like you don’t wanna move all ur shit to Canada because it’s really damn cold up there. Play like you don’t want to get into a really cold car to drive to the arena because you’re not in the warm Phoenix winter anymore.

Rich ass Scottsdale people: I need one of you to step up and buy the damn team. Wouldn’t your rich friends think it’s cool that you “own” hockey players?

City of Glendale: Fix the damn lease deal. If we lose the team, we won’t EVER get another one and if you douches are the cause, I’ll make you miserable.

*Sigh* This makes me sad.

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