Playoff Days 1 & 2

So it turns out that I control the NHL playoffs. But not in a pleasant way. Whoever I want to win…… LOSES! Sharks, Flyers, Habs, and Caps! Alex, Ovie, AO, #8, where did we go wrong?!?!

The Rangers beat the Caps. Apparently that whole goalie position turns out to be important. Who would have thought? Ovie scored, but his supporting cast left a little to be desired. Caps, I picked you as my playoff team because my Coyotes didn’t make it. I didn’t realize that I was a hex. Damnit!

Bruins beat the Habs. Ok, everyone thought this would happen, but I held out hope because I wanted so badly for Carey Price to be great. Mainly because he’s Shane Doan’s cousin, so he must be a direct decendent of Jesus.

Pens over Flyers. Philly. What. the. hell.? I know you somewhat caved at the end of the year. I know the Pens were in it for the Cup last year and have two of the three greatest players in the game right now. But couldn’t you have lost in a slightly more pretty way? And Danny Carcillo. SHAME! You are a former Coyote. ACT LIKE IT! (Our GM in Phoenix stole Scottie Upshall AND a 2nd round pick for Carcillo and Philly got robbed people).

Sharks. I don’t like you. But I HATE the Ducks. So Sharks, I need you to get it in gear. Hiller was super tough in goal, but the Presidents Trophy winners need to get the job done at home or perish. You better not perish because I hate the Ducks. Getzlaff, Pronger, and Perry club baby seals in the off-season as far as I’m concerned.

Nucks and Blues. I don’t have a preference either way. The Blues were a great story getting into the post-season. Everyone kisses Roberto’s ass so it makes me not love the Nucks. The freakish twins really did a number on the Blues defense so I think they are serious trouble.

Calgary and Chicago. THANK GOD the Blackhawks beat Olli Jokinen. I never thought I’d ever say thank god the Blackhawks won. I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth. Phoenix did a good job of stealing Matt Lombardi away from Calgary with a 1st round pick. We also got Prust but his value remains to be seen. I would say Go Chicago, but then I’d have to cut my own tongue out, so I’ll go with BOOOO Calgary!

Devils and Carolina ~ I love me some University of North Dakota players and Zach Parise is one of the best. Many pick Carolina in this series and NJ faded down the stretch, but it’s not currently Hurricane season and I don’t see a storm cloud in the sky.

Detriot/Columbus. I’m a sucker for rookies. I love Steve Mason. I hate Detriot. It doesn’t look good for the Blue Jackets, but I’m holding out for a miracle.

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